LED Pen Light

Posted: November 03, 2016
LED Pen Light
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My vision, like most of my anatomical parts, is perfect. 20/20 all day, every day. Show me your tiniest font, optometrists, and I'll kill it! But. I'm afraid I cannot see in the dark. Or in restaurants that want me to sign a credit card slip in less than 1 foot candle of lighting. There I may need some assistance, not from a pair of glasses or contacts, but from an LED Pen Light.

No, not the most exciting EDC item, or even writing implement, out there, but a self-illuminating pen sure comes in handy when your phone dies and you need to go OG and write down a girl's number on a napkin outside a club. Or when you need a gift for your mama.

The LED Pen Lights shown here come in packs of 3.

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