Iron Man 2 Swinging Sticks Kinetic Energy Sculpture

Posted: April 05, 2015

Even Tony Stark can't concentrate on anything else in the presence of the mesmerizing Swinging Sticks Kinetic Energy Sculpture. Not that Pepper's that interesting anyway. I'd probably be distracted by steam rising off a cup of coffee if she got all, "Mr. Stark, I need to speak with you about a few things," on me.

Still, I've included a 10-minute video of these sticks a'-swingin', and I bet at least a few of you out there will, like me, get through a lot more of it than you planned before hitting the pause and moving on to more important YouTube videos. And should you, like the creators of Iron Man 2, decide to purchase the bringers of Zen, you'll note the sculpture is a pricey one. That's because its trio of swinging, circling aluminum rods are museum-quality craftsmanship and in many cases serve as an adequate substitute for Xanax. This desktop model measures 16.2" x 10.5" x 3.8".

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