Gun Cylinder Pen Holder

Posted: March 10, 2016
Gun Cylinder Pen Holder
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Father's is right around the corner! March 27. This year, make sure you get Dad something he--what's up? Oh. Really, March 27 is Easter, not Father's Day. Huh.

Easter is right around the corner! March 27. This year, the Easter Bunny is loading up his baskets with a bang. Who needs the gastro-intestinal nightmare of gorging on hard boiled eggs, marshmallow Peeps, and caramel-filled chocolate duckies, when you can go equal parts badass and practical with this Gun Cylinder Pen Holder instead?

Yeah, I know. Gun Cylinder Pen Holder doesn't really translate from Father's Day to Easter. But you could always get one now and just hold onto it until June. Or, even better, keep it for yourself as a Happy I'm Awesome Day gift.

The cylinder is made of aluminum and has 6 slots for your ink- and graphite-bearing arms. Obviously it prefers to hold Bullet Pens.

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