FlipBooKit - Mechanical Flipbook Kit

By: on July 31, 2013
$48.95 - $99.95
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Is it just me, or does anyone else hear the word "flip" and immediately feel their middle finger raise or eyes scan the room for a red Solo cup? I know the reaction is uncouth, but the uncouthery isn't really attributable to me, it's society's fault. Society is the reason my brain associates all words with profanity or drinking. Or sex, but in the case of "flip" there's not really...oh, oh wait, yes there is. Thank you, mind of societally-instilled filth. Three seconds of additional thought, and I stand corrected.

The point is, words and phrases we tend to turn vulgar can also--and often originally did--connote wholesome and industrious concepts. Flip. Flip-per. Flip flops. Flipbook. The FlipBooKit focuses its attention on the clean, family-friendly, skill-building idea of animation, upping the paper version's cool factor with a fully DIY mechanized version. Once assembled, FlipBooKit rotates through 24 frames of simple animation using either pre-printed, included animation cards, or the buyer's own design. You know, so you can still make it about giving someone the bird, playing flip cup, or, uh, flipping things.

Originally a Kickstarter campaign, kinetic artists Mark Rosen and Wendy Marvel's FlipBooKit creation has thrived well past its funding phase, and is now available for direct online purchase in motorized or old-school hand crank forms. All kits include:

  • A FlipBooKit box and hardware
  • A spindle kit
  • "Galloping Horse" pre-printed animation cards
  • Blank flip cards
  • Printable labe sheets

FlipBooKit Moto also comes with a custom-built motor and all hardware/accessories for self-installation. Online build instructions and other useful information can be found here.

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