Ferrofluid Bottles

Posted: October 23, 2013
Ferrofluid Bottle

A short while ago, we showed you these interactive ferrofluid sculptures. They're fancy. In the sense of the word that indicates ownership will cost hundreds of dollars. So now, in deference to our readers who possess a prudent nature and/or empty wallet, we are showing you the more reasonably priced ferrofluid bottles above. They're still interactive. Maybe a little less sculpture-y looking, but their purpose, as Dude product Tipper Sean C. pointed out, is not so much to look pretty as it is to give you something to do at your desk during boring conference calls or listening to your girlfriend's 18-minute reply after you F up on the phone and say, "How was your day?" instead of, "Gotta go, talk to you later."

Ferrofluid looks like a grip of Etch-A-Sketch magnet shavings lolling about in water, but is really a grip of nano-sized iron particles suspended in gooey liquid with a coating that keeps them from clumping together. The particles, which end up looking liquid themselves react easily to any household magnet, forming loads of unique patterns and shapes, and demonstrating enthralling amoebic behaviors at the user's behest.

Each ferrofluid bottle contains 50mL of liquid, and comes with a column magnet.

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