Awaglass Soap Bubble Timer

By: on October 31, 2014
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Here at last to keep track of your 60-second increments of time: soapy water. Fill the Awaglass bubble timer with H2O and dish soap, shake it up, and marvel at the brilliant mind of a Japanese dude with so much time on his hands that he was able to reinvent a decorative desktop trinket to tell him exactly how much time he had on his hands.

Artist Norihiko Terayama first replaced the sand in this handblown hourglass with soap liquid to "defy the laws of space, time, and physics and make it appear to flow in reverse." Now you too can enjoy this distraction/tool for teaching your kids exactly what you mean when you say, "Hold on a minute!" with your own little Awaglass. Happy liquid time-tracking!

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Steampunk Gearwork Sand Timer

$23.99 from Amazon »

Flip over Doktor Schmerling's gearwork sand timer and as the grains drop, its gears will churn wider and wider, opening a portal to an alternate steampunk dimension in 1880s London....

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Hyper(boloid) Beads Kit

$30.85 from Grand Illusions »

Aside from a supersized fidget toy or a DIY project to do with the kids on a rainy Sunday afternoon there isn't a real practical reason to put together a Hyper Beads Kit. But once the rolling symbol of infinity is finished...

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Prescription Bottle TimerCap

$19.95 from Amazon »

TimerCaps call themselves "one simple change, that changes everything." And indeed the replacement caps for prescription bottles are clever, and a potential fairy godmother, on a couple of levels....

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Holleyweb Inflatable Bubble House

$1,950 from Amazon »

Privacy be damned! The Holleyweb inflatable Bubble House is the only tent for those who really mean it when they say they like a panoramic view. The transparent PVC tarpaulin is also a great choice for the campground...

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Hanging Bubble Wall Fountain

$265 from Amazon »

Hang a Bubble Wall Fountain in your living room and escape into a soothing stream of LED reverie whenever you feel like life is bludgeoning your soul, or after you run out of Master of None episodes to watch and have...

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BubbleLick Edible Boozy Bubbles

$12.59 from Amazon »

If I had a kid, BubbleLick-ing would be my father-son bonding activity of choice: he blows, I consume. It might be the only game you'll ever play as a parent that actually gets more fun the longer it drags on....

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The Miracle Cube Timer

$12.99 - $18.88 from Amazon »

Miracle Cube Timer? Haha, kids, more like the Miracle Cube Time-outer. Mama and Daddy are getting a new gadget to count down their workouts and number of minutes they must breathe deep and calm before freaking out. But...

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Time Out Stool

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Your kids haven't quite turned out how you expected to be. With aspirations of raising NFL quarterbacks and Rhodes Scholars quickly fading, you'd just like to avoid having a felon living underneath your roof. And while...

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Zero Smoke Ring Blaster

Sold Out from Amazon »

Zero Toys has got all markets cornered with its Smoke Ring Blaster. Kids. Halloween. Office shenanigans. And one that never would have occurred to me until I saw the above video: golden retrievers. I'm loath to admit...

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Magnetic Sand Hourglass

$8.13 from Amazon »

Looks like Wooly Willy is a new daddy. They told him this would happen if he didn't stay away from that sexy hourglass at the front desk. Now he's got at least 18 years of minding his little iron fillings in 60-second...

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Glow Fusion Bubbles

$4.96 - $6.02 from Amazon »

They call them Super Miracle Bubbles because they glow. At least the Glow Fusion Bubble Solution glows. The bubbles it produces appear to have about the same luminosity as every other bubble. Which doesn't necessarily...

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Magic Sand

$10.29 from Amazon »

It's hydrophobic sand. Water-abhorring sand. H2-Ohhh-Nooo! sand. That's not to say it never learned to swim because its mama spent its swim lessons money on black market Ritalin, just that it physically repels water....