Airso 10" Bladeless Table Fan

Posted: August 07, 2014
Airso 10" Bladeless Table Fan
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It's bladeless, it's oscillating, it's kinda cool-looking, but, no. It's not a Dyson. Then again, look at the Airso 10" table fan's price tag. Also not a Dyson.

Even though we don't have that much official summer weather left in 2014, I feel like this futuristic-looking desktop fan would be a good investment for college dorm rooms, which will continue to smell of rank socks and stale beer all throughout the winter and next spring. Also, since the Airso 10" has no blades or grille, you/your kid won't suffer massive blood loss from sticking a tongue in it during drunken dares. And the open-ring feature will prevent it from getting so clogged with dust that it develops a kuh-cher, kuh-cher noise and wakes you up sneezing in the middle of the night like the box fan I have does.

The Airso table fan has a dimmer switch for its airflow, which enables a full range of subtle power adjustments. It oscillates up to 90 degrees to distribute air throughout and entire room, as well as tilts upward and downward for positioning. The bladeless fan package also includes a remote control for fan operation.

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