Aerospace Grade Oligodynamic Copper Mega Sphere

Posted: September 04, 2018
Aerospace Grade Oligodynamic Copper Mega Sphere

The Aerospace Grade Oligodynamic Copper Mega Sphere! It's your new secret weapon, shined up all bright like a retina-damaging laser, and ready to take over the world of sick office decor! Display it on your desktop, right across from your distressed leather evil villain chair.

Also, even though you'll tell everyone who comes near your Copper Mega Sphere not to frikkin' touch it, those who inevitably sneak a feel will not pass along their flu-like symptoms or other cooties, because the "Oligodynamic" in "Aerospace Grade Oligodynamic Copper Mega Sphere" means the orb naturally kills germs on contact.

Trance Metals makes the Mega Sphere out of 99.9% pure copper, essentially as a conversation piece and ways to "surround yourself with things that make your environment more beautiful, more connected, more you." The Mega signifies the sphere measures 8cm in diameter, and weighs around 5.2 pounds. Trance Metals also makes smaller versions of the piece.

Here are some fun facts Trance Metals shares about the element copper as additional incentives to buy an Aerospace Grade Oligodynamic Copper Mega Sphere:

  • Humans have about 2mg of copper in our bodies, and would bite it hard without it.
  • Copper's density falls between lead and steel. That's dense.
  • Copper is the only other non-greyish pure metal aside from gold.
  • Copper develops unique patinas over time, but can always be scrubbed back to retina-damaging laser status with either baking soda and water or salt and vinegar.

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