Wood Bathymetric Charts

Posted: April 06, 2015
Wood Bathymetric Charts
$138 - $298
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Your favorite body of water, naked. This is a very seductive series of maps. The bathymetric charts, subsurface equivalents to topographic charts, are maps laser-cut into sheets of Baltic birch and hand-colored to depict what lies beneath anywhere from Lake Michigan and Lake Tahoe to San Francisco Bay and Sanibel Island. Their injection of artistic vision and usage of a unique medium make it easy to see your favorite places on the water in a new light, as well as bring them into your home for display.

Maps distinguish land from water with blue shading, plus depict major byways as etchings into the land. On the water's floor you'll see accurate reproductions of deep channels, sharp drop-offs, and mountainous landscapes. All underwater topo charts are framed in solid wood and protected with a sheet of ultra-transparent Plexiglas. At printing there were at least 50 different locations to choose from.

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