What's On Your Mind Pillows

Posted: February 26, 2015
What's On Your Mind Pillows
$44.62 - $170.52
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Eat more bacon. Have more sex. How did Lynn from Sew English get ahold of my to-do list? More importantly, why'd she have to go applique it on some pillows? I mean, my mama's gonna see those every day when she makes my bed. And while I don't mind if she knows how important it is that I eat more bacon, being that she's a vital part of making that happen via cooking me bacon to eat, I'd prefer she never, ever (ehhhhverrrr!) contemplate my carnal desires.

Are increasing your pork intake and porking output two of your action items as well? If you'd rather remind yourself with felt and fabric than pen and paper, consider investing in a set of Sew English pillows. Seamstress Lynn hand cuts and appliques each pillow with an envelope opening at the rear and double stitched seams. She also (optionally) stuffs them, but inserts are swappable.

And if for some strange reason bacon and sex aren't your things, you can also start smaller with an "Oh Deer" or "Let's Get Naked" pillow. All come in a choice of black, charcoal grey, navy, or red lettering.

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