Tetris Cushions

Posted: June 20, 2012
Tetris Cushions
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Sometimes when I zone out at my computer or when a boring person is talking to me I see tetrominoes falling and sliding into perfect, explosion-of-Tetris-bonus-points rows of 4. And sometimes when I'm feeling jolly I open-mouth hum one of my 3 choices of Tetris digital theme music. I also do this, along with my famed "Jiggly Jell-O Foot" walk, when a character exhibiting questionable behaviors begins to approach me on the street, and I want him to believe I am at least as disturbed as he is. But perhaps buying a set of Tetris Cushions is too much?

A handcrafted set of Tetris Cushions begins as raw textured cotton livin' the life in a smoke- and pet-free environment. Once snipped and sewn into 7 tetronimoes of varying colors, pillow casings are stuffed with polyester and stacked on chairs and gamer's lounges, or aligned on couches and benches in a perfect, 10-block row. Or not. Whywhywhy didn't Etsy vendor Star Gallery make a Tetris with her arrangement in the photo? Every time I catch sight of that gaping hole four in from the right I have to grit my teeth and look away.

Cushion sizes vary, with the longest (light blue "I") measuring 23.5". All are 6" thick.

Would you like to know some more things about Tetris without taking the time to visit Wikipedia?

  • Tetris was invented by Russian Alexey Pajitnov, and is a mashup of "tetra", a Russian numerical term, and "tennis", the dude's favorite sport.
  • Tetris Music A is a permutation of a Russian folk song called "Korobeiniki", and has been covered by at least 5 American and European bands, as well as arranged for the pipe organ.
  • Playing Tetris only 30 minutes a day for 3 months has been shown to boost brain functions, such as critical thinking, reasoning, language, and processing.
  • The Russian State retained the rights to--and virtually all profits from--Tetris from the game's debut in 1984 until 1996. At that point, the rights finally reverted to Pajitnov, he founded The Tetris Company, and got to work becoming a well-deserved millionaire.
  • Tetris Swimsuits are hot.

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