Swatch MAXI Wall Clocks

Posted: March 28, 2019
Swatch MAXI Wall Clocks

Swatch points out their MAXI wall clocks are the only Swatch timepieces you cannot wear on your wrist. And that, spanning 6'11" top-to-bottom, "they're even taller than you!" Uh, unless you're Tacko Fall. Or Yao Ming. Or Shaq.

Still, I agree with Swatch that the MAXI clocks are exceptionally large, and I like their trippy effect. I also like the 80s nostalgia juices they get flowing through my body. Between that and watching a lady make homemade Oreos on YouTube last night, I am jonesing for some 1988 today. K-Swiss sneakers on my feet, pleated denim jeans on my legs, primary colors Swatch on my wrist, Saved by the Bell on my TV, and pile of Oreos with a big glass of milk headed toward my piehole.

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