Songs for the Road: A Musical Map

Posted: January 09, 2013
Songs for the Road: A Musical Map

Streets, roads, lanes, avenues, boulevards, routes, and highways appear to have adequate coverage in the music industry. Enough to pack this inventive map of infrastructure-themed songs anyway. The 4-color litho print Song Map leads us through an imaginary metropolis filled with the likes of Highway to Hell, Penny Lane, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Thunder Road, Tobacco Road, Gypsy Road, and Road to Your Soul. With a song for every street (and landmark--take a break from driving at MacArthur Park or the Heartbreak Hotel) this artistic exploration of our desire to sing where we're going and where we've been would make a standout addition to any musician's or music enthusiast's jam-out lair. The map even designates its cities townships: Ghost Town; Funkytown; and Town Called Malice.

Around 390 song titles comprise each Song Map. Also printed across its bottom border is an A to Z key of all incorporated songs, along with the artists who made them famous. And taking the obsession one step further, vendor Dorothy has created a complete, 23-hour playlist of Song Map tunes on digital music provider Spotify.

Posters are printed on 115 gsm uncoated art paper. The listed Song Map measures 31-1/2" long x 23-1/2" wide. A larger format special edition of the print ($130) measures 50" long x 37-1/2" wide.

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