Solar Powered Christmas Lights

Posted: November 09, 2014
Solar Powered Christmas Lights
$8 - $25
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Christmas lights powered by the sun. I'm pretty sure that statement equates to less work for my mama, and less hassling of me by my mama to help her with the Christmas lights. Sure, INST's strands still require unraveling, hanging, and the inevitable untangling, but their solar source of illumination completely eliminates the mess of extension cords and power strips and outlet hunting that typically accompany the laborious and entirely unfun task of creating holiday cheer.

The LED lights here suck up and convert solar energy into electricity during the day, and then light up automatically when nighttime falls. INST says their strands can store more than enough sunlight to achieve a bright and lasting effect throughout our darkest hours. Bulbs are in sealed casings and waterproof. They're suitable for indoor use as well as out.

Solar powered Christmas lights from INST come in white, blue, multi-colored, and furry. Innoo Tech also makes a version of the solar powered LEDs in red and green. Check them out here.

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