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6 Million Digits of Pi Poster

$20.95 from ExaText Posters »

It's Pi Day! Happy 3.14.15. You'll be able to celebrate this momentous occasion only once in your lifetime, so I hope you have something good cooked up for tonight. I myself will be living it up with many different types...

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$140 from Moma Store »

Have you heard of tulip mania, a period during the Dutch Golden Age when people were playing tulip bulbs like the pre-2008 real estate market, paying exorbitant amounts of money for what was essentially a big fat seed?...

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What's On Your Mind Pillows

$44.62 - $170.52 from Etsy »

Eat more bacon. Have more sex. How did Lynn from Sew English get ahold of my to-do list? More importantly, why'd she have to go applique it on some pillows? I mean, my mama's gonna see those every day when she makes my...

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Norrom Freshwater Aquarium

$450 - $490 from Norrom »

Designed in Sweden, made in the UK. That's the crux of what Norrom feels sets its forthcoming aquarium apart from all the other fish cribs out there. Using contemporary techniques and tasteful aesthetics, the company's...

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Fruity Pebbles Pillow

$17.85 - $33.96 from Red Bubble »

Someone named Gasm made a Fruity Pebbles throw pillow, and I agree. What I see before me indeed looks like a gasm of Fruity Pebbles. Fred Flintstone would have a hard time running his footmobile through that mound of...

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Giant Canvas Teepee

$84.99 from Amazon »

For children ages 3 and up?! Pssshhh. Why would I waste a giant, 6-foot tall teepee on a kid when I can line it with lights, slide a skinned wampa rug inside, and entertain my lady friends? Especially my lady friend <a...

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Batman Slap Meme Dry Erase Board

$25 from Etsy »

"Batman, what did your parents get you for Christ-" "WHACK! My parents are DEEEAAAAAAD you sniveling little sidekick!"...

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The Ridge Slim Front Pocket Wallets

$45 - $105 from The Ridge »

Don't let overstuffed, bulging bi-folds infiltrate your pockets! Fight the Costanza Effect! Get on the Ridge! The Ridge slim front pocket wallets highlight 2 EDC must-haves, simplicity and compactness, across a line of...

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Crystal Head Vodka Skull Wall Sconce

$247 from Etsy »

What to do with all those empty bottles of Crystal Head Vodka? I tried sending mine back to Dan Aykroyd for free refills, but it's been a few months and I still haven't gotten them back. So I think Rob of Moonshine Lamp...

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Fahz - Your Face in a Vase

$30 - $100 from Desbiens Design Research »

Oooh, a Rubin vase with your very own face to display on the mantel: nerds and narcissists, this Fahz is for you....

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A Guide to Muscles

$22.32 - $70.68 from ArtSider »

Molecular biologist-turned-designer Eleanor Lutz regularly publishes the science-themed charts, infographics, and illustrations she creates on her blog Tabletop Whale. Here with the "Guide to Muscles" poster (officially...

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Rotating Orbits Clock

$150 from Studio Ve »

The Orbits is a 3D clock made of physics. A trio of rings intersect and rotate to display the time with depth, scientific artfulness, and in a way that will promote bumping into the clock every time you pass, and probably...

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Monsters in America Map

Monsters in America: A Cryptozoological Map of the United States provides descriptions and locations of origin for beasts ranging from the Jersey Devil, Bigfoot, Mothman, and Chupacabra to Shunka Warakin, Caddy, the Honey...

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How to Build a Human Print

$22.32 - $70.68 from ArtSider »

Molecular biologist-turned-designer Eleanor Lutz regularly publishes the science-themed charts, infographics, and illustrations she creates on her blog Tabletop Whale. This How to Build a Human print is her latest brainchild...

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Santaur Ornament

$14.12 from Amazon »

Looks like the reindeer are out of a job. Santaur can fly his own damn sleigh, what with this new quad of furry legs and a pile of Greek mythology backing him now. Also new to the Santa Claus table: guns and a 6-pack....

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Solar Powered Christmas Lights

$8 - $25 from Amazon »

Christmas lights powered by the sun. I'm pretty sure that statement equates to less work for my mama, and less hassling of me by my mama to help her with the Christmas lights. Sure, INST's strands still require unraveling...

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Bicycle Handlebar Trophy Head

$260 from Uncommon Goods »

Here's a trusty steed for cyclist types to hang their EPS foam helmets on. It communicates hipsters' favorite kind of irony, plus lets everyone know the owner thinks it's cool to kill bikes for sport. And none of that...

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Ventless Freestanding Bio-Ethanol Fireplace

Sold Out from Amazon »

Sometimes it's hard to seduce a lady on a grizzly bear skin rug coat alongside a roaring fire when you don't have any means to create a roaring fire. And after that last incident with the sirens and hoses, I doubt my...

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Dry Erase Board Wall Paint

$99 - $980 from Smart Wall Paint »

Smart Wall Paint is the dry erase board version of Chalkboard Wall Paint. Brush it on any smooth surface and one coat later you'll have a functional whiteboard for office, school, or home use....

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Star Wars on Earth Prints

Stirring scenes from American history, meet stirring scenes from American sci-fi. This set of 4 Star Wars prints from Thirteenth Floor pits some of the Empire's worst villains against some of our own greatest war heroes....

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$880 - $4,400 from Adam Frank »

Look into Adam Frank's LUCID Mirror and you'll see illuminated 3D clouds and sun rays, and maybe some other creepy CS Lewis or Mirror, Mirror Wicked Queen paranormal activity. Using a patent-pending method derived from...

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Confluence Topographic Tray

$1,700 from Artonomos »

Confluence looks so vast. Layers of birch plywood undulating over a rich landscape of smooth canyons and swirling colors carved especially to transport your wildest dreams and...your teapot. Zoom out. A little more. Oh....

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Zombie Safe Zone Maps

$19.99 - $24.99 from Design Different »

When they strike, the zombies will go for the masses. So those of us living in major US cities have 2 choices: be afraid; or be prepared. Since Ryan McArthur of Design Different, unlike the evening news, isn't into fear...

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Superhero Stained Glass Prints

$8 - $25 from Etsy »

Marissa Garner of Fay Productions makes all of these superhero stained glass prints with transparency paper, ink, a printer, and geek-laden love. Just tape one to a window and let the light shine in to get--Holy 50% opacity...

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Twister Bed Sheets

$64.90 - $79.90 from Twistex Bed Sheets »

A natural pairing given that naked is both the best way to sleep and the best way to play Twister. Aussie company Twistex Bed Sheets ships this set of Twister bedding worldwide in Double, Queen, and King sizes. Included...

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The Grammarian's Clock

$79.99 from Amazon »

On the upside you do not need to be able to read an analog clock face to tell time with this LED Word Clock. On the downside, you do need to be able to read. But on the upside again, word nerds the world over, rejoice!...

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Manifold Clock

$62 from Studio Ve »

When people like my Aunt Jan speak contemptuously of other people like me, who they believe "do nothing but sit around watching time go by," the judgmental old hags should probably look into whether or not their unambitious...

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Han Solo in Carbonite Rug

$49.99 - $69.99 from ThinkGeek »

Sure it's a cool novelty item to have in your family room or front entryway, plus embodies that which brings you the greatest joy in life (Star Wars), but do you really want to be the type of person who keeps Han Solo...

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How to Pee with Morning Wood

$13.95 - $60.90 from Zazzle »

A self-help guide to dealing with the enormous issue I face first thing in the morning every single day of my life and it's packaged as whimsical wall art that will add immeasurable character to my bathroom? How to Pee...

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Horse Head Pillow

$45 from Kropserkel »

One-upping the severed horse head pillowcase: Kropserkel's severed Horse Head Pillow. It's morbid, yet surprisingly plush and comfortable, revenge in 3D! Send one to the vegetarian who always launches into a lecture about...

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Real Human Skull Art

$2,995 - $3,200 from Zane Wylie »

When Zane Wylie was 5 his mom gave him a canister of Play-Doh and Zane Wylie ate it. When Zane Wylie was 8 his mom gave him a pack of colored pencils and a spiral sketch book and Zane Wylie traded the pencils for a couple...

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Victorian Star Wars Portraits

$499 from Kult »

The Star Wars boys give a pretty decent representation of Victorian times, huh? Jabba the Hutt almost looks dapper. Or at least less like the massive wart my friend Cornelius grew on the inside of his arm when he went...

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Movies R Fun: Iconic Scenes as Children's Art

$7.38 from Amazon »

Josh Cooley's book Movies R Fun: A Collection of Cinematic Classics for the Pre-(Film) School Cinephile takes iconic and cult (mostly) R-rated movie scenes as inspiration for artwork styled after children's storybooks....

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Pool Bedsheets

$80 from Snurk »

Not much of a lake snoozer? How about sleeping in a swimming pool? Snurk's pool bedsheets add a second option to spending the night enveloped in a large body of water without drowning. Fun! Trippy! Still horrendously...

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The Map of Zombies

What they lack in intelligence they make up for in contributions to the entertainment industry. Jason Thompson's Map of Zombies (complete, hi-res version here) traces and visually depicts by physical characteristics...

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Rekindle Regenerating Candlestick

While I would prefer a wax color more masculine than pink, I--What? Pink is the color of unconditional love and nurturing? Oh. OK, Mama.--I guess my mama likes pink. Yep.... Working from home today.... Anyway, I applaud...

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Big Lebowski Dude Rug

$925 from Etsy »

Talk about tying a room together. Etsy shop owner Allie, self-described hoarder and clearcut winner of Best Latch-Hooker on Earth*, spent over 220 hours immortalizing The Dude in dream sequence rug form. Urinate on this...

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Map of the Internet

$36.95 from Zazzle »

Jay Simons: student; amateur graphic designer; Slovakian; Internet cartographer. If the Web were divided into land masses, grouped along lines of latitude and meridians and flattened into a map on your desk, what would...

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Strong Man Mirror

$12,460 from L'ArcoBaleno »

Before you even say it, I agree. $12 grand for the M8, Ron Gilad's "little burly imp" in his IX Mirrors Series?! That's ridiculous! You could make almost the same mirror for a fraction of the cost! Like I said, I agree....

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Wine Education Prints

$19.95 - $24.95 from Amazon »

Wine Folly has produced a series of infographic prints to assist in the casual wine drinker's oeno-education, and to give the wine savvy a sense of pride in seeing all the minutiae living inside their heads poured onto...

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Star Wars I Am Your Father Print

$125 - $1,699 from Kult »

Luke was never the apple of his daddy's eye, but thanks to fine artist Christian Waggoner, he will forevermore be the reflection in Vader's mask....

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Howling Wolf Incense Burner

Sold Out from Amazon »

"I LOVE this. I was worried this would look tacky or cheap, but it really is awesome looking. Pleasantly surprised. Goes great with other wolf bathroom accessories I have." Thank you, Amazon reviewer Adelaide. Your assessment...

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Skyscraper Candles

Here's Gotham City burning slowly to the ground. And off-gassing oozy Penguin blood in the process. And a few doors down, the skyscrapers of the capital of Candy Land are suffering the same fate. Up in flames and melting...

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Super Mario New York City Subway Map

$25 - $45 from RIPT »

Pipes, mushrooms, a Cape Feather or two, and it's even a real, useful map of the New York City subway system. The Super Mario NYC Subway Map salutes Super Mario World in its pixel-by-pixel mass transit trek through 16-bit...

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Star Wars Love Pillowcases

$34 from Amazon »

Han Solo. You mack. The only lady I could get away with saying, "I know" in response to "I love you" to is my mama. I actually have proof of this in the form of the one other time I tried it on the one other lady who...

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Air 1 Christmas Stocking

$45 from 2 AM Projects »

Swoosh! The only problem with hanging a 2 AM Project Air 1 stocking for Christmas is that it's gonna dunk on Santa's ass every. time. Over his head, under his beard, around his fat jelly belly...nothin' but net. This...

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The Bad Girls of Batman Print

$275 - $899 from Kult »

Holy Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite! Poison Ivy has just given radical new meaning to the term "thunder thighs." I don't know whether to stop drooling and try to voodoo her out of the print, into my living room, or surround...

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Black & White Marble Bedding

$50 - $350 from Safe House USA »

Nothing screams wealth and class like marble flooring, marble countertops, marble statues, and marble-covered rolls in the hay. Here, Safe House USA gives buyers the option of going full mar-balls to the wall with their...