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Marvel Origins: A Sequential Compendium

$37 - $160 from Pop Chart Lab »

Marvel Origins: A Sequential Compendium is another super graphic issue from Pop Chart Lab. This poster gives superheroes the super treatment, with mini-comics depicting the origin story of 36 Marvel greats...

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Doodle World Map Duvet Cover

$54.95 from Amazon »

This Doodle World Map Duvet Cover acts like it's just for kids, but come on, the desire to draw on your bedspread is ageless. Adult coloring books have become a big thing for stress relief, relaxation, and calming anxiety...

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Vintage Star Wars Displays

$599 - $799 from Faraway Vintage »

These Vintage Star Wars Displays began as a personal project for creator Lloyd, himself a Star Wars fan looking for a way to show off his Star Wars collectibles and props. He made 4 to start, 9" x 9" backings with arrangements...

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Fictional Beer Poster

$29 from Amazon »

Fantastical Fictive Beers compiles an illustrated, and illustrative, rundown of the greatest fictional beers developed for TV shows, movies, and video games. At first I saw the poster and was like, "Holy suds, Batman!...

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Pop Culture Pixel Art Prints

$24 - $45 from Etsy »

Illustrator Gustavo Viselner applies his pixel art talents to pop culture in this nifty series of movie and TV show prints. From Superbad to Breaking Bad, Star Wars to Stranger Things, the posters take scenes from both...

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Banana Table Lamp

$345 from 2Modern »

A Banana Table Lamp? That's, that's...where's Gwen Stefani to spell it for me? Seletti gives everyone's favorite thick-and-slick-skinned tropical fruit the spotlight it deserves with this whimsical bright white and golden...

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Falcon 9 Rocket Chandelier

How did a Falcon 9 Rocket Chandelier, uh, come to light? According to designer Andrew McCalip, "When you own a fleet of giant composite extrusion 3D printers and love space like we do, stuff like this happens."...

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NES Cartridge Pillows

$22 - $35 from Etsy »

Have sweet dreams of the good ol' days atop these retro NES cartridge pillows. The Pimp My Pillow Store prints old school Nintendo Classic and Super Nintendo game labels onto gray pillows also printed to imitate the respective...

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Hellraiser Lamp

$251.35 from Etsy »

If you were to come face-to-face with Pinhead from Hellraiser would you rather it be in the light or the dark? Grab yourself one of Omulamp's Hellraiser Lamps and you can try out both options. Day in, and day out. Forever...

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A Christmas Story Village

$12.74 - $98.90 from Amazon »

The Christmas Story Village collection shrinks snapshots of the highs and lows of Ralphie Parker and his family's life so that this holiday season, you can bring them a little closer to your own. From Ralphie's bunny...

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Goats in Trees 2018 Calendar

$10.76 from Amazon »

Too bad the 2018 Goats in Trees calendar doesn't come with sound effects. Assuming the crazy SOBaaaahs that hoof it up trunks and balance on limbs are the same crazy SOBaaaahs that scream, that is. But imagine it: every...

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National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Village

$17.99 - $129.99 from Amazon »

You can go all out Clark Griswold and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation on your holiday decorating this year without risking falling off the roof or running up a thousand-dollar electrical bill. Just make yourself...

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Automaton Wall Clocks

$39.90 - $149 from Amazon »

Automaton clocks originate not from a love of steampunk or time, gears at work or the inner workings of machines - though one of those may be the reason you're drawn to them. Automaton roots are practical: one day, their...

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Deadpool Christmas Tree Ornaments

$30.19 from Amazon »

These Deadpool Christmas tree ornaments will look right at home dangling alongside the Bob Ross Funko Pop figure classing up my mantle. 'Tis the season for happy little trees and Deadpool 2 trailers...

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Zen Nixie Tube Clock

$1,625 - $2,005 from Dalibor Farny »

Dalibor Farny. Now that's a great name. I'm thinking of using Dalibor for the name of my next pet. That's how great I think the name is. Is that beside the point? Yes. What's right on top of the point then? That he makes...

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Logical Fallacies Poster

The Logical Fallacies Poster! Finally, ladies! A gift for every man you know. And finally, dudes! A gift for every woman you know. Teachers, a wall-mountable token for your students. Constituents, a mailing-tube-shippable...

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Time: Man of the Year Mirror

$28.99 from Amazon »

Are you a Lebowski achiever? This Time: Man of the Year Mirror is a Dude-approved addition to your bar, bedroom, or office wall. It will give you a little boost when you're down, and a little motivation before your big...

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Star Wars Return of the Jedi Wall Clock

$199.95 from Amazon »

The only thing missing from this Return of the Jedi wall clock is an R2-D2 head that pops out on the hour to go, Bee-boo-boop-coo-koo! Otherwise, it's all there. Electroluminescent lightsabers and LED glow from within:...

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Glass Skull Tiki Torch

$19.99 from Amazon »

No need to wait for Halloween to line your path with Skull Tiki Torches. I think the creepy lanterns of death would make great additions to Labor Day weekend parties too. They certainly capture my feelings about the end...

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Steampunk Octopus Door Handles

$700 from Etsy »

If Tolkien went steampunk, these giant octopus door handles would make the perfect substitute for a wizard wielding a sword and staff. Kraken says, You shall not pass!...

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Hanging Bubble Wall Fountain

$265 from Amazon »

Hang a Bubble Wall Fountain in your living room and escape into a soothing stream of LED reverie whenever you feel like life is bludgeoning your soul, or after you run out of Master of None episodes to watch and have...

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Dry Erase Whiteboard Wall Paint

$20.98 from Amazon »

From coloring book-style wallpaper to this blood bath, we've seen a lot of ways to spruce up your walls with a personal touch. This bottle of Dry Erase Paint offers yet another outlet for creativity, but this time with...

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US State 3D Wood Topographic Maps

$75 - $125 from Etsy »

And if you go with Florida, you can use your 3D Wood Topographic Map as a perfectly level cutting board! Haha, Florida's flatter than piss on a plate. I've always wanted to ride a Schwinn 10 Speed top-to-bottom through...

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Iron Dinosaur Toilet Paper Holder

$22.99 from Amazon »

Got some Charmin t.p. or some Bounty p.t.'s you need held up long and proud? The Iron Dinosaur is at your service. Suitable for holding 2 ultra-plush double rolls of toilet paper or 1 super-absorbent cylinder of paper...