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Gnome Disco Ball

$129 from CB2 »

I'll be gnome for Christmas. You can count on me. Please have snow and di-i-sco, and heavy techno beats. Ahh, even better than a zombie or Scarface gnome to station in my garden is a mirror ball gnome to hang from my...

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Cartoon Portrait of You

$5 - $95 from Fiverr »

For as little as $5, Uruguayan artist Eliana Fernandez will send you a glimpse of yourself inside some of TV's most popular animated series. Kick off the return of The Simpsons and Family Guy, or bid farewell to Futurama...

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Warplane Propeller Ceiling Fan

$302 from Amazon »

This warplane ceiling fan reminds me that I hate ceiling fans. For two reasons. First, once they're on it takes me 10 minutes to figure out how many times I have to pull the GD cord to turn them off. Click. It's slowing...

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TRON Flynn Lives Printed Circuit Board

$24.99 from Etsy »

By day, Taylor John Brooks constructs PCBs to make a living. By night, he constructs PCBs to make all TRON fans think he is a pimp daddy of ENCOM proportions, second only to his depicted subject matter, Kevin Flynn....

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Lake Bedsheets

$328 from droog »

The perfect gift for anyone who never learned how to swim! Especially if you swap their standard bedding out with this set of lake sheets on the DL, and then make sure they don't head back to bed until they're too drunk...

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My Half/Your Half Pillowcases

$27.50 from Etsy »

I like designating what's mine and what's yours, particularly when what's mine is bigger/better/faster/closer to the front/equipped with a hot tub. Eugenie2's pillowcases are a terrific example of and flawless conformance...

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Nobilified - Old World Portraits of You

$99.95 - $229.95 from Nobilified »

Now you too can enjoy the spoils of fame and have your face dropped onto an old world portrait of a king, queen, emperor, clergyman, knight, solider, or naked lady. Like the series of celebrity solider prints we showed...

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The Ridge Slim Front Pocket Wallets

$45 - $105 from The Ridge »

Don't let overstuffed, bulging bi-folds infiltrate your pockets! Fight the Costanza Effect! Get on the Ridge! The Ridge slim front pocket wallets highlight 2 EDC must-haves, simplicity and compactness, across a line of...

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Stikwood - Peel & Stick Wood Decor

$100 - $500 from Stikwood »

Stikwood happens when real wood from the likes of oak and maple trees meets, say, duct tape with an infallible 10-year adhesive lifespan. As 1/8" thick panels with peel & stick strip backings, Stikwood installations fit...

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Superhero Tan Lines Print

$19 - $30 from Society 6 »

Kids, this is what happens when you don't wear sunscreen: everyone figures out your secret identity. See Mike Draw has created a Superhero Tan Lines print to show how even the likes of Batman can be so clever when it...

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Makes Itself Bedding

$125 - $195 from SmartBedding »

While Smart Bedding can't claim to be another OHEA self-making bed, it can boast of its analogous ingenuity at a fraction of the cost and complexity of the full-on mechanized version. Using a simple duvet-top sheet snap...

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A Visual Compendium of Sneakers

Chuck Taylors have been around since 1917? Crap. Well I hope in 4 years Converse has a big party to celebrate its century of making my feet look awesome and, in honor of the occasion, gives away free shoes or maybe raises...

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Metal Core Door Decals

$79.95 from Fandom Planet »

Oooh, I don't need a game controller or a code or critical thinking skills to open these metal core doors. I might even be able to kick them in without risk of shattering multiple bones in my foot. Probably I'd just jam...

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1980s/90s Game of Thrones Characters

$18 - $72.60 from Society 6 »

Oh snap! It's imaginary ancient fantasy world meets the decades of excess and grunge. In a new line of Society 6 prints, graphic designer Mike, who sells under the name Moshi-Kun, gives your favorite Game of Thrones characters...

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The Grand Ruler - Life-Size Anubis Sculpture

$1,425 from Amazon »

One time my friend Esteban bought a boat and named it Anubis and that's about the only exposure I've ever had to the Egyptian jackal-headed god of the underworld. But I guess if I'm lucky when I die he and his six-pack...

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Calibur Classic Firearm Prints

$19 - $45 from Calibur Prints »

Is it just me or does it seem weird to call an AK-47 a "classic" or "historical" firearm? I feel like those words should still just refer to guns like the single-shot pistol John Wilkes Booth used to assassinate Abraham...

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The Bucketlistmap

$24.90 - $159.90 from Awesome Maps »

Although all maps technically contain the places you want to see before you die, Awesome Maps' Bucketlistmap provides the added service of specifics--the phenomena, landmarks, and activities within each country or region...

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Millennium Falcon Mirror

$399 from Etsy »

What is this world coming to when one can have not just an entire Star Wars-themed room, but an entire room themed after just the series' Millennium Falcon? Awesome. This world is coming to awesome. If you already have...

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Periodic Table of the Muppets

$18 - $45 from Society 6 »

You're going to have to buy a print, T-shirt, hoodie, or tote bag of The Periodic Table of the Muppets if you want to see the details of this comprehensive compilation of Jim Henson's finest because the Internet is showing...

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6-Foot Spider-Man/X-Men Room Divider

It's two-faced! Coincidence, or Marvel sending a subverted message to competitor DC in the form of a room divider? Yeah, I think so too. Shit's getting real here....

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The Periodic Table of Middle Earth

$15 from LOTR Project »

Featuring characters from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, I'd say The Periodic Table of Middle Earth would rank very close to the top of a list of Geekiest Items a Human Being Could Own. (I specified human being...

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Star Wars Meets Chinese Folklore Prints

$18.90 from Etsy »

Yesterday was May 4th and son of a bitch if I didn't bone the opportunity to run these Star Wars prints and say, "May the 4th be with you." And today is May 5th, another special day, particularly for the peoples of Mexico...

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Color-in Wallpaper

$53 from Burger »

Color-in Wallpaper is kind of like I See You Wallpaper, but without the watchful eyes looming over your every move, passing judgment as you eat Hungry Man Dinners, and rolling into the backs of the heads you drew for...

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Piston Bookshelf

$550 from Etsy »

I've always thought Suzuki motorcycle pistons would make a great bookshelf, and here's proof in the form of a Suzuki motorcycle piston bookshelf. Matt Johnson handmakes each one with Spanish cedar and aluminum and needs...

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Magnetic Field Candlesticks

From forth the brilliant Magneto mind of Dutch designer Jolan van der Wiel comes another player in his Gravity series of magnetic field creations. Candlestick formation employs the same machine van der Wiel built to create...

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Big Wooly Balls Rugs

$11,500 from MYK »

And I thought the giant grizzly bear hide would be the most wondrous piece of ursine-themed home decor I saw all week. This rug from Berlin textile firm MYK, though, isn't just big and bear-y, it's made out of fun wooly...

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3D Printed Antler Switchplate


It's a toss up which I like more: killing bucks or killing the lights. Both carry potentially high returns. If you know what I mean. So thanks very much to Pixil 3D for creating an antler switchplate that will enable...

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Giant Grizzly Bear Hide

Sold Out from Etsy »

Hmmm, which contributes more to my general state of dumbstruck: the giant grizzly bear hide or the couch it's sitting on? Whomever bought that couch must have had to travel back to 1974 to get it. I didn't realize the...

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100 Zombie Films - A Graphical Study

$21.99 from Etsy »

Ryan McArthur has compiled a graphical study of the Top 100 Zombie films in order of how much they pale in comparison to Zombieland and, for that matter, any movie in which Bill Murray has ever appeared, including that...

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Life-Size Yoda in Carbonite


Is this allowed? Putting Yoda in Carbonite? I would almost rather Jeff Teo put, like, Captain Kirk or Rudy Huxtable in Carbonite, because then at least the metaphor would be totally, obviously F'd up, as opposed to just...

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Pin City Wall Maps

$52.25 from Palomar »

Felt wall maps of Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York, and Paris for people who live in or have visited or just sorta like the idea of Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York, and Paris. All come with 15 push pins for marking...

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Gods of Rock Vinyl Wall Clocks


It's pretty sweet how Thai artist Anant Lopas chose Slash as the lone Guns 'n' Roses personality to turn into an intricately carved vinyl wall clock because it means that even people in the Far East know Axl is a poon....

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Scrabble Rug

$199.99 from SamTimer »

Although most of my anecdotes and personal claims to greatness are complete BS, I swear, what follows is a true story. Two true stories, actually. First, I am a formidable Scrabble player. Second, one time I dated a girl...

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Whatever I'm Late Anyway Clocks

$35 - $55 from Etsy »

Oh, how nice. A clock for people with no respect for others' time who like to turn their lack of responsibility and accountability into a big joke. Well, when I tell you to be at my place at 8 a.m. and you unapologetically...

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Christopher Walken Taxidermy


I can't think of a better way to greet my guests, guard my house, and make myself feel perpetually on the brink of getting the shit kicked out of me than the mounted head of Christopher Walken. The most disturbing former...

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The Many Incarnations of Bill Murray Print

$16 - $33 from Society 6 »

It's Groundhog Day! According to Christopher Guerrero and his clan of cronies hoping to lure Bill Murray into the lead role of their USC School of Cinematic Arts thesis film, February 2, 2013 is also now Bill Murray Appreciation...

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Dapper Celebrity Soldier Prints

$24.95 - $55.95 from Society 6 »

Obviously the only one of these celebrities who really sat for his French Republican Guard...or whatever...portrait in the 19th century is Chuck Norris because he's immortal and easily over 200 years old. The rest are...

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The Secret Lives of Superheroes Prints

$20 - $50 from Society 6 »

Greg-guillemin reigns supreme: Best Paparazzo Ever. I knew Wonder Woman's rack wasn't real. But I have to say, I definitely took it for silicone over Kleenex. Her tissue-molding skills are impressive. Superheros may pick...

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Typographic Iconic Movie Prints

$50 from Etsy »

Art for people who like to read the words and for those who like to just look at the pictures. Pete Ware pours his graphic design talents into this series of swell prints depicting iconic movie characters shaped from...

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Katana Sword Bookends

$30 from Mustard »

I don't just tear through books, I impale them. Particularly those with sad endings. F those books! I read to escape my unhappy reality, not to face the gut-wrenching effects of love, death, and temporal shifts while...

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Songs for the Road: A Musical Map

$32 from Dorothy »

Streets, roads, lanes, avenues, boulevards, routes, and highways appear to have adequate coverage in the music industry. Enough to pack this inventive map of infrastructure-themed songs anyway. The 4-color litho print...

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Glow-in-the-Dark Moon Pillow

$99.99 from Etsy »

Finally, an accurate representation of the moon glowing in the dark. Notice how it isn't square-shaped or blazing all the colors of the rainbow like this alleged "Moonlight Pillow". According to Edward J.H. O, the man...

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Evolution of the Bat-Signal Poster


Geez, 30 permutations of Batman's Bat-Signal from 1940 to 2012. I wish the stale logos of Ford and Chevrolet would take a page out of the progressive DC Comics' book. Maybe then I'd consider buying an American car as...

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'Tis the Season for Suicide Ornaments

$56 from Equaldist »

My nickname is Mr. Brightside, but I get that it takes all kinds to make the world go 'round. So cynics unite! And relish skateboard artist Todd Francis' "'Tis the Season for Suicide" ornament series. Yep, for every merry...

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Imperial Forces Wallpaper

$75 - $350 from Super7 »

The Imperial Forces will kick the S out of your drab off-white drywall. Textured portraits of Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and members of the Empire decorate the first release of the Star Wars x Super7 Collection wallpaper....

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WTF? Icon Prints

$15 - $40 from Etsy »

Santa, you better man up because your sleigh is about to be filled to the gates of heaven with prints of "Batman Puking His Friggin Guts Out" and "Bazooka Whale." I don't know what's more enamoring here: Jann Van Zant's...

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Fiber Optics Bedspread

$485 from LumiGram »

How do you say Shazaaam! in the interior decorating world? I bet my mama wouldn't get so mad at my dad for wanting to put the electric blanket on the bed starting around September 15th every year if their electric blanket...

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Star Wars Prints


Artist Ryan McArthur might just be Epson printing a name for himself as an icon of icons. His Walking Dead Minimalist Prints gave understated life to the essences of Sheriff Rick Grimes & Co., and now his Star Wars Prints...