Norrom Freshwater Aquarium

By: on February 18, 2015
$450 - $490
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Designed in Sweden, made in the UK. That's the crux of what Norrom feels sets its forthcoming aquarium apart from all the other fish cribs out there. Using contemporary techniques and tasteful aesthetics, the company's 40-liter freshwater installation aims to take notice in your home without taking it--or your life--over.

Norrom first eliminates the logistical and visual hassle of aquarium cords by using a unique dimmable lighting configuration that is set in the tank's base rather than its lid. So instead of a clunky cable emanating from the top of your otherwise stunning display of aquatic life, you'll gaze on a simple, unencumbered cylinder alighted evenly and glare-free thanks to a light-diffusing bubble tube and hidden mirroring.

The aquarium's cylindrical simplicity continues with its sturdy, clear, and precision-machined acrylic glass, flanked by a handcrafted, and fully customizable wood lid and base. Norrom has created 8 different lid-base styles for buyers not only to choose from, but also to swap out for a different style as tastes or home decor change. They range from mahogany stained birch wood to zebrano over birch wood, as well as unfinished birch wood for those who want to paint/finish the components themselves. Upon request, Norrom will also provide a 3D printing template for owners interested in printing their own lid and base at home.

Norrom Bragging Point #3: Most aquariums' water line is visible at all times. Meaning that as the days pass, A) this surface cutoff creates a visible residue on the inside of the glass and B) Unattractive condensation is often visible inside the aquarium. The Swedes are not down with water line residue and condensation. So to further the elegance of their design they hid Norrom's shift from liquid to gas inside the aquarium's lid.

Norrom Aquariums use an air-driven advanced filtration system that is hidden below their rocks to remain minimally noticeable. Air pumps, situated in the aquariums' base, also run extra quiet.

Combining heightened design with a responsible ecosystem, the Norrom Aquarium is compatible with a wide range of freshwater tropical fish, invertebrates, and other living creatures without the need for a heater. Get more information about the specific types of aquatic life compatible with Norrom on the company's website. Also follow the link below to pre-order and customize your Norrom, which comes with everything needed to get the aquarium up and running, less its eventual residents.

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