Nom Nom Nom Pillow

Posted: March 07, 2012
  • Nom Nom Nom Pillow
  • Nom Nom Nom Pillow
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Ugh, I hate it when LOLCats mow on my pillows. Nom, nom, nom. Yeah, nom, nom, nom. What size is that hacked-up hair ball going to be? Kitteh nom bettuh. Excuse me? Kitteh nom pillowz, or kitteh peepee kitteh toxic poizen on couch. Oh. Well munch away then, kitty, 'cause the only thing worse than cat spelling and grammar is cat piss.

Etsy artist Cindy Green has some half-eaten pillows to move. Her plush cotton nom noms measure 14" x 14", and include the stuffing, which is enclosed separately for buyer insertion. They're the perfect way to unite the banter of online homes with the decor of literal homes, and to further blur the lines between virtual life, real life, and evil feline overlords scheming to conquer both.

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