My Half/Your Half Pillowcases

Posted: August 14, 2013
My Half/Your Half Pillowcases
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I like designating what's mine and what's yours, particularly when what's mine is bigger/better/faster/closer to the front/equipped with a hot tub. Eugenie2's <--------My Half--------><---Your Half---> pillowcases are a terrific example of and flawless conformance to my preferences in action.

The ultimate enabler for bed hogs, this pair of standard pillowcases can also be customized with other text, such as:

  • <--------Mine--------><---Yours--->
  • <--------Me--------><---You--->
  • <--------Hers--------><---His---> [Not recommended]
  • <--------Mrs.--------><---Mr.---> [Not recommended]
  • <--------The Queen--------><---The Slave---> [Not recommended]
  • <--------The King--------><---The Slave---> [Winner, winner, chicken dinner!]
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