Movie Creature Anatomy Prints

Posted: September 12, 2012
Movie Creature Anatomy Prints - Gizmo & Alien

Who isn't a fan of checking out innards these days? Particularly when the innards belong to our favorite film creatures--Mogwais, Gremlins, Martians, Predators, Xenomorphs--and particularly when the versions we used to cut open or tear apart were always anatomical disappointments filled with hard plastic composites or polyester blends of stuffing. Gizmo, sorry to have decapitated you for such a lame payoff, dude.

Though not three-dimensional like the Anatomical Gummi Bears, Brad McGinty's Movie Creature Anatomy Prints finally, 20+ years later, hit the scene to dispel myths and satisfy curiosities about what strange and unusual skeletal structures and organs really lie beneath the epidermal layers of beloved sci-fi creations. The backstage tours debut as individual 9 x 12 prints, each part of a limited edition of 50, and signed and numbered by McGinty. Who, by the way, got his inspiration for the series from an entire book of cross-sectioned Kaiju monsters of the 60s called An Anatomical Guide To Monsters.

Movie Creature Anatomy Prints are inked on Borden & Riley rough finish 98 gram paper. The Mogwai, Gremlin, and Martian pieces are sold separately via McGinty's Store Hole, while the Predator, Xenomorph, and a special Facehugger print are sold as a $50 threesome here.

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