Meural Canvas Smart Digital Art Frame

Posted: August 16, 2018
Meural Canvas Smart Digital Art Frame
$595 - $695
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Meural, Meural on the wall, show me a Dali, show me a Warhol. The Meural Canvas is a digital art frame with a WiFi connection that displays any one of thousands of pieces of famous art, up-and-coming artists' works, your own artwork, or your favorite photographs on its 27" diagonal surface. Any one of them, or all of them. You can change the art in your Meural whenever you want, and in seconds using the Meural app, online dashboard, or just a wave of your hand in front of the frame.

Meural makers say they've made the digital frame even smarter with TrueArt, a technology "that renders images as lifelike and textured as museum originals." Load up Van Gogh's self-portrait, and your Meural Canvas should show you every detail and brush stroke Vincent painted.

You can hang a Meural Canvas vertically or horizontally, and have 3 styles to choose from, all made from sustainably sourced American hardwood: Leonora White, Leonora Black, and nut brown Winslow. Purchases include access to 100 sampler images from Meural's library, plus obviously any from your own collection (surprise dick pic on the dining room wall for She-Ra: Princess of Power when she gets home!) You'll have to pay extra for a Meural Membership if you want free rein over their tens of thousands of additional pieces, including new artists and artwork.

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