Mechanical Christ - Technological Crucifixion

By: on August 25, 2011
  • Mechanical Christ - Technological Crucifixion
  • Mechanical Christ - Technological Crucifixion-2774
  • Mechanical Christ - Technological Crucifixion-310
  • Mechanical Christ - Technological Crucifixion-3213
  • Mechanical Christ - Technological Crucifixion-5134

Though probably the type of installation that has to be seen in person for true appreciation, the photos are still pretty darn phenomenal. I feel like you could stare at this marvel of intricacy for an hour every day and find something new each time. Very cool.

From the author:

The average person watches 20 to 26 hours of television per week. Your TV constantly suggests things to you like; what to eat, how to dress, what to buy, and what to think about the world. Unless you work in the entertainment industry, or are a movie star, game developer, cooperate sponsor, or a serial killer, you have almost absolutely no influence on it what so ever. Every time we hear words like unrated, explicit violence, or parental guidance suggested, something inside says, "I want to see that!" We watch because we want to feel something outside of our normal life of work and weekends. I love TV, video games and the internet. They thrill me, but really want to kill my motivation and take my wallet. I ask myself what will media be like in fifty to sixty years? Will it be somehow implanted in our minds? If you virtually lived in a "TV-Internet-Land" that was better than reality, how many machines would it take to sustain your body? How much would it cost? No to mention, what the hell would happen to the real world? Wait, have I already seen that movie?

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Squirrel Tree Climber Garden Statue

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Whoa, this Squirrel Tree Climber statue for your garden is so realistic neighbors and passersby are going to take one look and think they're as nuts as the acorns the squirrel has belayed himself up to get. Hand-painted...

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OLOID Mathematically Perfect Desk Sculpture

$25 - $73 from Kickstarter »

Paul Schatz discovered the oloid in 1929. Yes, discovered. It's not just some rando geometric shape or ergonomically designed fidget toy. The oloid is a real piece of the mathematics puzzle, and Patrick Schneider's OLOID...

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Internal Fire Glass Vortex Spheres

$100 - $6k from Internal Fire Glass »

Loooook into my orb. No really, check out a GIF of one of these Internal Fire Glass vortex spheres. The optical illusion is super trippy. And super... supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Glass artist Scott Pernicka handcrafts...

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Colibri Mechanized Kinetic Hummingbird Sculpture

Colibri the wooden hummingbird is a stunning addition to the world of kinetic sculptures. And DIY. And CNC machining. And gears. I don't really have anything more clever or insightful to say about it, because watching...

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Ascending Evil Climbing Skeleton Wall Sculpture

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The Ascending Evil Climbing Skeleton Wall Sculpture is just in case you were curious what it would look like to throw a skeleton up against the wall in a hot blaze of passion and take it from behind. The arched back...

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Slow Dance - A Frame that Slows Down Time

$249 from Kickstarter »

Imagine a club in Vegas. A go-go dancer. Strobe lights. It's a spectacle of stop motion animation, the fluidity of movement altered by the way the flashes of light play with your eyes. Now scale that scene way down and...

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The World's Longest Tunnel Slide

$15 - $22 from ArcelorMittal Orbit »

Virtual reality may be a rising star, but the ArcelorMittal Orbit is going all-out, balls-to-the-wall IRL this summer with its curving, spiraling, plummeting tunnel slide. Dubbed simply "The Slide," this 584-foot-long...

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Dripping Glass Jellyfish Sculptures

Daniela Forti creates these sick jellyfish sculptures and sculptural tables that I would definitely break within 5 minutes of owning using a glassworking technique called glass fusion, and a physics technique called gravity....

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Steampunk Optimus Prime

$17k from Etsy »

My theory is that this might actually be Optimus Prime and this guy has captured him, found some way of disarming him, and is now trying to sell him. I don't know if I'd be comfortable sleeping with this guy roaming around...

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Vitruvian Man Action Figure

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A 4-armed, 4-legged Vitruvian Man action figure is going to be 4 times the fun to pose on my desk at work. And 4 times the trippy. In fact, factor in the naked and anatomically correct to his spider count of limbs, and...

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Inspired Designs Ferrofluid Sculptures

$25 - $150 from Inspired Designs »

Ferrofluid represents the glorious union of science and beauty. Of visual art and tactile interaction. Of workplace boredom and sweet desktop toys. Inspired Designs head inspirer, Kyle Haines, creates his ferrofluid displays...

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Tempest Craft Blades & Sculptures

Need a sick rippled machete that embodies the Aztec goddess of obsidian and Lord of the Night? An Indo-Persian war axe? How about just a good ol' pair of ceremonial scissors? Bladesmith Tom Ward forges some of the most...