Mechanical Christ - Technological Crucifixion

Posted: August 25, 2011
Mechanical Christ - Technological Crucifixion-5134
  • Mechanical Christ - Technological Crucifixion
  • Mechanical Christ - Technological Crucifixion-2774
  • Mechanical Christ - Technological Crucifixion-310
  • Mechanical Christ - Technological Crucifixion-3213
  • Mechanical Christ - Technological Crucifixion-5134

Though probably the type of installation that has to be seen in person for true appreciation, the photos are still pretty darn phenomenal. I feel like you could stare at this marvel of intricacy for an hour every day and find something new each time. Very cool.

From the author:

The average person watches 20 to 26 hours of television per week. Your TV constantly suggests things to you like; what to eat, how to dress, what to buy, and what to think about the world. Unless you work in the entertainment industry, or are a movie star, game developer, cooperate sponsor, or a serial killer, you have almost absolutely no influence on it what so ever. Every time we hear words like unrated, explicit violence, or parental guidance suggested, something inside says, "I want to see that!" We watch because we want to feel something outside of our normal life of work and weekends. I love TV, video games and the internet. They thrill me, but really want to kill my motivation and take my wallet. I ask myself what will media be like in fifty to sixty years? Will it be somehow implanted in our minds? If you virtually lived in a "TV-Internet-Land" that was better than reality, how many machines would it take to sustain your body? How much would it cost? No to mention, what the hell would happen to the real world? Wait, have I already seen that movie?

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