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By: on February 03, 2014
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Jay Simons: student; amateur graphic designer; Slovakian; Internet cartographer. If the Web were divided into land masses, grouped along lines of latitude and meridians and flattened into a map on your desk, what would it look like? Map of the Internet 1.0 (hi-res version here) is Simons and partner Martin Vargic's first (but far from final) exploration of the Internet as a physical world.

The National Geographic-inspired print has grouped its constituents into 2 major hemispheres: the Old World Eastern land mass, populated by software and gaming companies, and Websites oriented more towards "real life"; and the New World Western continents, a compilation of sites whose presence typically does not travel beyond the virtual. The New World is further divided into a Northern continent of social networks, search Websites, video Websites, blogs, forums, and art Websites--the non-seedy stuff--and a Southwestern continent of porn, warez, and torrent sites. In Antarctica of the map lies the Great Southern Land of obsolete Websites and online services.

Map of the Internet 1.0 also includes 4 mini-maps along its bottom edge showcasing NSA surveillance by country, the most used social networks, the most used Internet browsers, and worldwide Internet penetration by country. As their reference for Website selection and size, Simons and Vargic relied predominantly on the list of Alexa Top 500 Websites.

High praise goes to Simons and Vargic from my corner. Map of the Internet 1.0 is cool. It also makes me grateful that the Worldwide Web isn't really a real world. I mean, if I had to travel to the equivalent of Bogota, Colombia and wade through a bunch of unidentified viruses just to watch free porn and feature films...shudder. I might have to consider paying for that stuff again.

Map pricing reflects a custom-sized 34" x 22" print on poster paper. Additional sizes and backing media are available at varying higher and lower costs.

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KFC Internet Escape Pod

$10k from KFC Ltd. »

KFC says their Internet Escape Pod, featuring a fried chicken drumstick door handle and Stretch Armstrong Colonel Sanders passed out drunk and slung over the top, is meant to help you hide from the barrage of Cyber Monday...

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The World According To Americans

$8.25 - $47.95 from Zazzle »

With the possible exception of the "AIDS" label that's covering half of Africa, some of these American stereotypes of the rest of world are surprisingly lacking in wickedness. I would have expected less superficial ignorance...

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netool Simple Network Analyzer

$201.88 from Amazon »

netool endeavors to do the big work of bulky network analyzers in a package small enough to put in a pouch made to hold pens. For both professionals and individuals looking to troubleshoot or get diagnostics on their...

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Mainland USA, According to Common Sense

$8.25 - $47.95 from Zazzle »

The sad thing is, I'm pretty sure all of these "jokes" are based on actual statistics from the US Census. The other sad thing is, I bet the 95% of us who couldn't name half of the color blocks when looking at a blank...

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Enigmaze Internet Password Bracelet

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I always wear my heart on my sleeve, my egg on my face, and my internet passwords on my wrist. And surprisingly, the Enigmaze Internet Password Bracelet may be the best of those 3 decisions....

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Butterfly Labs Jalapeno Bitcoin Miner

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Butterfly Labs' entry level Jalapeno Bitcoin miner sells with a mining rate of 5 G/Hash per second, as well as with an upgrade that bumps its performance to 7 G/Hash per second. And while both are pretty paltry in comparison...

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CUJO Smart Internet Security Firewall

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This CUJO won't attack you like Stephen King's rabid dog, but if the smart firewall does its job, it will point that aggression towards the malware, ransomware, viruses, and other a-hole hacker moves vying to steal and...

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Lighthouse - Free & ISP-Free Internet

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To be clear, the Internet flies in only one direction down Outernet's information superhighway*. Each day, a 1 GB dose of data funnels through a dish antenna and lands in the company's Lighthouse receiver, where it is...

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US State 3D Wood Topographic Maps

$75 - $125 from Etsy »

And if you go with Florida, you can use your 3D Wood Topographic Map as a perfectly level cutting board! Haha, Florida's flatter than piss on a plate. I've always wanted to ride a Schwinn 10 Speed top-to-bottom through...

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Poundtown Condom

In case there was any confusion, Poundtown Condom vendor Say It with a Condom specifies this particular latex shroud is for "anyone who's a Poundtown regular, or is coming for the first time." Haha, get it? There are...

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Amazon Dash Buttons

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Imagine snapping your fingers and--poof!--more coffee, bottled water, and toilet paper just show up at your door. Amazon Dash Buttons are like that, but maybe even better because pressing a button is actually way easier...

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iMirror Interactive Glass

Like the Cybertecture Mirror from Tech2O, POSH View's iMirror seeks to bring the internet to a place the company says we spend over 168 hours, or 7 full days, every year: the looking glass....