Manifold Clock

Posted: May 14, 2014

When people like my Aunt Jan speak contemptuously of other people like me, who they believe "do nothing but sit around watching time go by," the judgmental old hags should probably look into whether or not their unambitious loafers of a nephew have a Manifold Clock. I have a Manifold Clock. So when I sit around watching time go by, it's not just because I'm an unambitious loafer, but because this feat of geometry and mechanics' depiction of temporal passage is F'ing rad.

"Time repeats itself, yet it is ever-changing." Manifold Clocks are creator Studio Ve's physical manifestation of this sentiment. Each clock's hands connect to a flexible colored or patterned sheet that rolls and swirls with the hours and minutes, adding 3D movement to the progression of time. Their spiraling effect is further enhanced by the onlooker's perspective: if viewed from head-on, time appears to move in circles, but if viewed from the side it seems to advance.

Available in 9 different sheet design choices, the Manifold Clock has a 4" base diameter and 14" wall diameter. Its quartz movement is powered by a AA battery.

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