Magnetic Field Candlesticks

Posted: April 07, 2013
Magnetic Field Candlesticks

From forth the brilliant Magneto mind of Dutch designer Jolan van der Wiel comes another player in his Gravity series of magnetic field creations. Candlestick formation employs the same machine van der Wiel built to create his jagged, chaotic stools and if men could procreate together and humans could give birth to home decor, both look like what would happen if Jim Henson and Tim Burton had a lovechild.

The Gravity machine begins as a wood frame fitted with a magnet-lined bowl at the bottom. To the bowl van der Wiel adds liquid plastic compounds and iron fillings, and then draws the mixture upward with additional magnets. Then he stares really hard at it with his cryokinetic eyes and freezes it in time for infinity in whatever shape it happens to take. In addition to candlesticks and stools, buyers may also commission Gravity side tables and bowls in just about any color available in the visible spectrum. Interested parties should email van der Wiel at info@jolanvanderwiel.com with price inquiries and fabrication requests. I'm not sure exactly how much the candlesticks cost, but my guess is more than $10 and less than $1 million.

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