By: on September 17, 2014
$880 - $4,400
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Look into Adam Frank's LUCID Mirror and you'll see illuminated 3D clouds and sun rays, and maybe some other creepy CS Lewis or Mirror, Mirror Wicked Queen paranormal activity. Using a patent-pending method derived from dimensional HD video of real cloud formations, Frank has placed his 3D images inside the mirror. Or at least that's the illusion his technique creates, and one viewers can "touch" with their reflection.

In addition to a functional mirror and swell piece of optical trickery, LUCID also serves as an ambient light source and piece of art. Available in Portrait (15" x 13") and Wide Format (36" x 24") sizes, the mirrors are just 1-1/2" thick and include replaceable LED backlights that burn for least 100,000 hours of continuous use. Brightness is controllable with a touch dimmer on the LUCID frame. When turned off its clouds and light disappear, leaving a standard wall-mounted or mantle-set mirror.