Little Brick Lane Custom Scale LEGO Home Models

Posted: January 05, 2020
Little Brick Lane Custom Scale LEGO Home Models

Straw, sticks, and even bricks got nothing on Little Brick Lane bricks, the LEGO bricks this Etsy shop custom builds into a scale replica of the house you live in. Or the house you lived in until your mama kicked you out.

Little Brick Lanes custom LEGO home models will probably cost you more than a month's mortgage - and won't provide nearly the return on investment - but if you're a LEGO maniac* with an undying love the house you live / once lived in, they are pretty spectacular works of art.

Shari Austrian, lead LEGO architect and builder, creates her custom LEGO home models using photographs and construction plans of your house. She can create your mini home sweet home with just its exterior frame and details, or include interior details of the individual rooms too.

Like their full-size counterparts, Little Brick Lane costs are determined by square footage; you'll pay $1.90 pers square foot or, for example, $5,700 for the interior and exterior build of a 3,000 square foot home.

*Anyone remember the LEGO commercial from the 80s, Zack, Zack, he's a LEGO maniac!? I think a custom LEGO home model is what Zack wants now that he's a corny dad.

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