Lake Bedsheets

Posted: August 19, 2013
  • Lake Bedsheets
  • Lake Bedsheets
  • Lake Bedsheets
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The perfect gift for anyone who never learned how to swim! Especially if you swap their standard bedding out with this set of lake sheets on the DL, and then make sure they don't head back to bed until they're too drunk to turn the lights on, or do anything but pass out fully clothed atop the set's 30-foot-deep duvet. Oh the mirth you'll experience when consciousness returns in the morning.

Even those with strong strokes will likely awake slightly perturbed at the sight of their bedmates Giant Swan, Family of Doggie Paddlers, and 3 Cats in a Canoe. European fashion/design studio Bliss' Lake Bedsheets are bizarre to say the least. Still, if you think strange is good, then maybe you'll think good is spending the foreseeable future snoozing alongside the Joneses on their family vacation to summer camp. And if you wonder if they'll be watching you while you're having sex, the answer is yes.

Muchas danke to Crnchy.

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