How to Build a Human Print

By: on December 18, 2014
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Molecular biologist-turned-designer Eleanor Lutz regularly publishes the science-themed charts, infographics, and illustrations she creates on her blog Tabletop Whale. This How to Build a Human print is her latest brainchild (you're welcome) depicting the stages a homo sapiens seedling goes through as it slow cooks and rises, readying itself to burst through the proverbial oven door. Lutz depicts the progression of the human building process as drawn and written milestones, such as "Fertilized egg," "Primitive gut tube forms," and ">50% survival if born." She also denotes where in the 40 or so weeks of a lady's pregnancy these milestones occur. How to Build a Human displays the kid's progression from within a colorful spiral, which reminds me of a lollipop, which is cool because I like lollipops way more than I like babies, and really humans in general.

Even more interesting than the How to Build a Human print: the How to Build a Human GIF, the original piece Lutz created for her blog. Here the lollipop spiral moves, with one step morphing into the next. Too bad they can't make a giclee poster on gallery quality, white, 100% cotton rag archival paper that preserves the animation.


How to Build a Human prints are available in sizes ranging from Mini (8.09" x 9.89") to XL (28.17" x 34.44").

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