Hipster Skeleton Bathroom Prints

Posted: July 30, 2019
Hipster Skeleton Bathroom Prints
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Here comes the skeleton of your average dead guy to deck out a hipster's bathroom in 4 unique and very hip hipster prints during the next hipster Halloween party.

Unless you're not a hipster and / or you don't want to wait for Halloween - which I wouldn't - in which case, why not give these snazzy sacks of bones a forever home on your bathroom wall?

It's almost like a hidden camera - put there by the government?! By Google?! By Alexa?! - has just caught this skeleton going about his skeleton business and the enterprising individuals at Summit Designs decided to turn them into hipster-friendly art. The set includes four 8" x 10" prints that are ready to frame.

Surprisingly / not surprisingly, a skeleton's bathroom routine includes: chilling in the bathtub; chilling on the toilet watching YouTube and reading Reddit; chilling on the toilet having some thoughts as deep as his GI issues (or perhaps pondering his lack of GI issues now that he no longer has bowels and intestines); and mopping the bathroom floor after a guest who does still have bowels and intestines didn't get their GI issues all the way to the bowl.

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