Fahz - Your Face in a Vase

By: on January 17, 2015

Oooh, a Rubin vase with your very own face to display on the mantel: nerds and narcissists, this Fahz is for you.

Nick and Martha Desbiens of Desbiens Design Research will 3D print a Fahz vase using the techniques of everyone's favorite optical illusion and the faces of anyone who doesn't have a complex about their profile. Those who take the designers up on the offer will submit sideways mug shots for the Desbiens to convert into vector geometry, and use as the scaffolding for a 3D model that "merges the distinct profiles into a seamless sculptural form." Digital files are then 3D printed into lightweight PLA plastic Fahz vases.

Pledge for your own Fahz on Kickstarter through February 4, 2015. Choose from a 3" bud vase or slightly larger 5" vase. Depending on size and backing level, Fahzs can be printed with anywhere from 1 profile to a whopping 16 profiles for the big, fertile families out there.

Muchas danke to Manny for the Dude Product Tip.

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True Mirror - How Others See You

$200 from Amazon »

The True Mirror idea is simple (and old; it was first patented in 1887): place two mirrors at right angles and have a look-see. Its effect, though, elicits the complexities of realization spanning everything from Whoa!...

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Other People's Face Masks

$9.99 - $11.94 from Amazon »

Get all 4 of Faux Real's Face (of Someone Else) Masks to swap out throughout the night at this year's Halloween party and kill it as Arya Stark or Jaqen H'gar, or maybe just a generic Faceless Man....

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Madballs Foam Balls

$10.90 - $13.90 from Amazon »

Weeee! Madballs are back. Just in time for Halloween and the 867th time this year I've wished so hard I could go back to the simpler days of my childhood in the 80s....

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Face Mask Drink Coasters

$17 from Amazon »

Paladone's Face Mask Drink Coasters are a party multi-tool. Use them old school, to hold your sweaty drink so you don't f*ck up the table. Use them new school, as a frisbee projectile to pelt your friend Cornelius, or...

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Your Face Mask

$299 from That's My Face »

Your face. Your buddy's face. Your mom's face. Angelina Jolie's face. ThatsMyFace.com can make any of them for your creeptastic wearing pleasure. They can also make them for your creeptastic wall-mounting or refrigerator-magneting...

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Japanese Tongue Exerciser

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The most endearing part about the Kuwaete Sukkiri Tongue Exerciser marketing campaign is that it claims the silicone (and grapefruit scented!) apparatus is intended to "help improve your face line and those flabby, sagging...

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Dapper Celebrity Soldier Prints

$24.95 - $55.95 from Society 6 »

Obviously the only one of these celebrities who really sat for his French Republican Guard...or whatever...portrait in the 19th century is Chuck Norris because he's immortal and easily over 200 years old. The rest are...

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Your Face on an Animal Cookie

You've had your face on a stamp. On a superhero action figure. Even on a super creepy mask worn by someone who is not you. But I think the best place of all for your face...uh, next to your head...is on an animal cooki

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Japanese Shouting Vase

Stress-relieving pottery that doesn't require the presence of Patrick Swayze's ghost? Sign us up! The Shouting Vase is a bulbous fabrication of ABS resin that, when placed against your lips, absorbs and quiets the loudest...

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Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

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The Amazon reviews of Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay--nearly 800 of them!--are so overwhelmingly positive it makes me wonder how I've never before heard of these miraculous bentonite particulates of the earth. Maybe...

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Smooshy Face Stress Balls

$40.70 from Kibardin Design »

Feeling stressed? Anxious? Aggressive? Don't take it out on the nonnative English speaker administering over-the-phone tech support, take it out on Ge!, Ni!, Ho!, and Poo! Cao Marus are smooshy Japanese stress relievers...

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Your Face Stamp

$65 - $100 from Stamp Yo Face! »

Haha, all dudes in a relationship are about to get the gift of a rubber couples' stamp. Every envelope, every paper lunch sack, every note to empty the dishwasher and fix the toilet and change the filter in the air conditioner...