EO1 Internet Artwork Display Computer

By: on September 11, 2015
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The problem with tattoos is that unless you're inked with an April Fool's joke, you can't change them so easy according to your tastes, moods, or significant other's demands. Artwork though, you can swap that stuff out like your underwear. Without shelling out a ton of money or adding a new collection of nail holes to your wall with the help of Electric Objects' EO1 and every piece of art on the Internet.

EO1, a self-described computer made for art, gives art lovers and fickle decorators a means of displaying original works in their homes or offices without spending a dead fall foliage garbage bag of cash or sacrificing the quality of the work. Physically, EO1 is a 23", 1080p IPS display that sits on an included stand or hangs with wall mount hardware. The screen then connects to your home WiFi network and is ready to display any art you find on the Internet. This includes HD images, animations, video, and generative art, as well as your own photos and creations. Electric Objects has also compiled an Art Club of pieces made especially for them, available by subscription, and is working with museums and libraries to make those collections accessible for users to display on their EO1s.

EO1 cannot browse the web or send and receive emails. It won't broadcast alerts, feeds, or distractions. It was designed to blend into the background, to bring you passive, subtle, subconscious joy. Like a true piece of art. Or my cable box. Paired with an iOS or Android app EO1 users can manage a library of favorites and change their current curated Electric Objects display from anywhere.

The EO1 screen has a 50M:1 MEGA dynamic contrast ratio with 250 cd/m2 brightness and 5ms response time, and includes a 3D graphics accelerator with 4 shaders. It weighs 10 to 15 pounds. No, I have no idea why the weight is listed as a range. Maybe it increases when you upload Salvador Dali, angels of death, and other heavy stuff.

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Remarkable Books - Beautiful & Historic Works

$30 from Amazon »

In addition to stirring artwork and hand-scribed text, Remarkable Books: The World's Most Beautiful and Historic Works also has Gift for Dad written all over the pages it has extracted from the tomes of history. A permanent...

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Tokaido Board Game

$79.95 from Amazon »

In Tokaido, board game designer Antoine Bauza takes his award-winning artwork skills to Japan's East Sea Road. Two to five travelers will journey along the undulating road in hopes of discovery its treasures and natural...

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Great City Maps

$21.95 from Amazon »

"Anytime I feel lost, I pull out a map and stare. I stare until I have reminded myself that life is a giant adventure, so much to do, to see." Know who said that? It wasn't Christopher Columbus, or Mark Twain, or Rick...

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Programmable Mouse Jiggler

$19.50 from Amazon »

It's a professional jiggler! No, not Santa Claus. No. Not a stripper. This is a Mouse Jiggler. And it's got nothing to do with bellies and boobies. Though, like the belly and boobie jigglers, the Mouse Jiggler is here...

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The Uncomfortable - Inconvenient Everyday Objects

Oh the fun you could have using some of Katerina Kamprani's Uncomfortable designs to mess with the new guy at work. Give him that disc-headed key to the office. Ask him to water the plants. Invite him to the break room...

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OLOID Mathematically Perfect Desk Sculpture

$25 - $73 from Kickstarter »

Paul Schatz discovered the oloid in 1929. Yes, discovered. It's not just some rando geometric shape or ergonomically designed fidget toy. The oloid is a real piece of the mathematics puzzle, and Patrick Schneider's OLOID...

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Android MK802 Mini PC

$40.10 from Amazon »

AKA The Other $35 Do-It-All Computer. Running Android 4.0, the MK802 Allwinner A10 Mini PC is about the size of a flash drive and, also like your favorite USB storage device, enjoys being plugged into things. HDMI inputs...

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Internal Fire Glass Vortex Spheres

$100 - $6k from Internal Fire Glass »

Loooook into my orb. No really, check out a GIF of one of these Internal Fire Glass vortex spheres. The optical illusion is super trippy. And super... supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Glass artist Scott Pernicka handcrafts...

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The USB Kill 2.0 Computer Killer

$49.95 from USB Kill »

If you're using a USB Kill stick you're either pen-testing, trashing your old PC for recycling, or being very, very...very evil. Come on now, I know he cooks eggs in the staff room microwave, and eats beef & bean burritos...

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The $35 Do-It-All Computer

$82.01 from Amazon »

The Raspberry Pi sets the bar, and then raises it. Twice. Bar: The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that plugs into a TV and keyboard to produce full PC functionality in the form of spreadsheets, word processing...

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THEC64 Mini

$69.99 from The C64 »

THEC64 Mini puts tech-nostalgia in the palm of your hand. Who was around when the Commodore 64 launched in 1982? Playing some Lode Runner after school with some Shark Bite fruit snacks and a Capri Sun? Ahhh, gone are...

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Mesmerizing Animated GIF Portrait

I don't know how they did this or where you can have one of your own done, but it's pretty darn sweet. Something about it makes me want to stare at it longer than I should. I'm obsessed with its awesomeness. Is it just...