Electrical Power Outlet Stickers

By: on January 31, 2012
Electrical Power Outlet Stickers
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Wouldn't it be nice if plugging things in were a more enjoyable activity? If you had something to look forward to each time you risked displacing a lumbar disk to bend over and charge your cell phone? Outlet stickers make accessing electricity fun! Add a bob cut, a baseball hat, or a Fu Manchu to your dreary receptacles for an instant plug-in pick-me-up, and exemplary expression of your playful personality. The "incognito" glasses mask turns resetting your GFCIs after running the hair dryer, blender, and power saw simultaneously into a real treat, and the jolly dog mug is a terrific way to lure children into electrocuting themselves.

The stickers are printed on glossy vinyl, and come two to a 4" x 7" sheet. Price is per sheet. More designs are in the works, and quantity purchases for large scale stick-and-run missions are negotiable by request.