Dexter's Victims Poster

Posted: October 03, 2012
  • Dexter's Victims Poster
  • Dexter's Victims Poster
  • Dexter's Victims Poster
  • Dexter's Victims Poster - Scale View
  • Dexter's Victims Poster on Wall
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Now that our taste for Dexter-flavored blood has been satiated, and Season 7 is in full swing, let's take a moment to review all of our favorite fictionalized serial kills. So in Season 1 there was that church choir master, the human traffickers, Brian Moser, uh...a little help? Maybe in the form of a 16" x 36" poster chronologically detailing Dexter's kills through Season 6, including targets eliminated prior to Season 1?

Print virtuoso Shahed Syed has developed a meticulous artistic representation of Dexter's victims in shades of red and black, all broken down by kill type, weapon used, blood slide count, and the victim's own kills. The top quarter of the poster features a dexterously (not apologizing for that) stylized key and some additional kill and weapons stats.

Dexter's Victims Posters print in full color on semi-gloss photo paper (8mil, 200gsm), and are mailed rolled in heavy duty tubes. Contact Syed through the poster's Etsy listing should you desire a size other than the 16" x 36" listed.

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