Dexter's Victims Poster

By: on October 03, 2012
  • Dexter's Victims Poster
  • Dexter's Victims Poster
  • Dexter's Victims Poster
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Now that our taste for Dexter-flavored blood has been satiated, and Season 7 is in full swing, let's take a moment to review all of our favorite fictionalized serial kills. So in Season 1 there was that church choir master, the human traffickers, Brian Moser, uh...a little help? Maybe in the form of a 16" x 36" poster chronologically detailing Dexter's kills through Season 6, including targets eliminated prior to Season 1?

Print virtuoso Shahed Syed has developed a meticulous artistic representation of Dexter's victims in shades of red and black, all broken down by kill type, weapon used, blood slide count, and the victim's own kills. The top quarter of the poster features a dexterously (not apologizing for that) stylized key and some additional kill and weapons stats.

Dexter's Victims Posters print in full color on semi-gloss photo paper (8mil, 200gsm), and are mailed rolled in heavy duty tubes. Contact Syed through the poster's Etsy listing should you desire a size other than the 16" x 36" listed.

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Mainland USA, According to Common Sense

$8.25 - $47.95 from Zazzle »

The sad thing is, I'm pretty sure all of these "jokes" are based on actual statistics from the US Census. The other sad thing is, I bet the 95% of us who couldn't name half of the color blocks when looking at a blank...

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Logical Fallacies Poster

The Logical Fallacies Poster! Finally, ladies! A gift for every man you know. And finally, dudes! A gift for every woman you know. Teachers, a wall-mountable token for your students. Constituents, a mailing-tube-shippable...

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The Secret Lives of Superheroes Prints

$20 - $50 from Society 6 »

Greg-guillemin reigns supreme: Best Paparazzo Ever. I knew Wonder Woman's rack wasn't real. But I have to say, I definitely took it for silicone over Kleenex. Her tissue-molding skills are impressive. Superheros may pick...

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Evolution of the Bat-Signal Poster


Geez, 30 permutations of Batman's Bat-Signal from 1940 to 2012. I wish the stale logos of Ford and Chevrolet would take a page out of the progressive DC Comics' book. Maybe then I'd consider buying an American car as...

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Star Wars Super Graphic: A Visual Guide

$13.56 from Amazon »

Yoda in a Venn diagram. Nicely done, Star Wars Super Graphic. I'll bet the left slice is those who "Do" and the right those who "Do Not," with the Yoda center representing the young Jedis who tell their master, "Alright...

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Star Wars on Earth Prints

Stirring scenes from American history, meet stirring scenes from American sci-fi. This set of 4 Star Wars prints from Thirteenth Floor pits some of the Empire's worst villains against some of our own greatest war heroes....

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Mandelmap Poster

$24 - $58 from Mandelmap »

I'm about to tell you about the Mandelmap, which means my brain is about to get really sore. You might look at the poster and think it looks cool. Artsy layout, vintage finish, and lots of "stuff" spanning its surface...

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The Mapper of Every Rapper

An organizational, poster-sized map of the music industry's 636 most prolific rappers: magnificent homage or elaborate slam? Divided into major categories and subcategories, such as Audacious Misspelling, Macks, Coolness...

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Where I've Been Scratch-Off Map

Sold Out from Amazon »

What a fun way to track your world travels, or clever gift for your favorite ostentatious globetrotter with a mild gambling compulsion! One side of the 16.5" x 12" map is covered in a metallic patina that scratches off...

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The Evolution of Video Game Controllers

The complete evolutionary tree of the video game controller, tracking 82 species and 9 genera over four decades. Printed in rich indigo ink. My favorite is still the Intellivision controller which was basically a phone...

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Typographic Iconic Movie Prints

$50 from Etsy »

Art for people who like to read the words and for those who like to just look at the pictures. Pete Ware pours his graphic design talents into this series of swell prints depicting iconic movie characters shaped from...

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A Visual Guide to the Comic Book Universe

$10.79 from Amazon »

Everyone loves superheros. Super villains. Super powers. Super tales of good vs. evil. And flashy graphics. Don't forget the loud spectral colors and ripped/buxom exaggerations of flashy graphics. That's the allure of...