Posted: March 06, 2015

Have you heard of tulip mania, a period during the Dutch Golden Age when people were playing tulip bulbs like the pre-2008 real estate market, paying exorbitant amounts of money for what was essentially a big fat seed? According to Wikipedia, in March of 1637 there were single tulip bulbs selling for more than 10 times what a skilled craftsman would make in an entire year. Of course the tulip trade went belly up like these types of bubbles always do, and I don't really know what my point in relaying any of this information is, except that when I saw this Dandelight, made by Dutch design firm Studio Drift, I thought of tulip mania.

Aside from the fact that its value seems to be a little inflated, the Dandelight doesn't have much in common with tulips. Some would say they're both flowers, but my mama would say the latter is a flower, while the former is an evil weed to be annihilated from her front yard. In this form though, I think the dandelion is kind of precious. In an perpetual state of make-a-wish-and-blow, the light is a throwback to childhood, a unique gift for your girlfriend, and a passable light to sit on your desktop or nightstand because even though it's somewhat feminine looking at the top, the exposed 9V battery powering it at the bottom is all mind of a man.

Also, and this is pretty cool, the flowery tufts of at the bud are real. Studio Drift plucks them from real dandelions and then attaches them one by one to an LED light. The light connects to the battery via a copper stem, with a couple of additional copper designs set as flourishes.

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