Chrono-Shredder Calendar and Clock

Posted: February 29, 2012
Chrono-Shredder Calendar and Clock

Chrono-Shredder is a clock, a calendar, a reminder that those who sit at home and simply watch time go by have lives filled with nothing but growing piles of shit on the floor. Poetic, no? Susanna Hertrich combines machine with social commentary to produce a striking piece of art that has been exhibited in galleries across Europe, and, this year, will be released for sale in an edition of 20. (Price TBA).

Chrono-Shredder shreds continuously, minute after minute, to keep time like a clock, with each page of the calendar reaching its full streamer potential every 24 hours, and making way for the next day to be torn apart by the vengeful talons of temporal displacement.

The Timeinator is made of a powder coated metal casing filled with a motor and gears, sensor, electronic control, microcontroller, paper, and shredding unit. All the forlorn fixins for one of of those mopey songs written by a coffee house performer, or any of the former headliners at Lilith Fair. Dimensions are 18.11" tall x 11.81" wide x 7.87" deep. Weight is approximately 22 pounds.

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