Big Lebowski Dude Rug

Posted: February 06, 2014
Big Lebowski Dream Rug
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Talk about tying a room together. Etsy shop owner Allie, self-described hoarder and clearcut winner of Best Latch-Hooker on Earth*, spent over 220 hours immortalizing The Dude in dream sequence rug form. Urinate on this heart-stopping masterpiece and your ass is grass, man.

Understandably pricey given its custom design and one of a kind status, the ultimate nod to The Big Lebowski pours 19 colors of acrylic yarn into the untrimmed beard, Jesus coif, and maniacal eyes of a man who loves to bowl. Tokes often. Hates the f*ckin' Eagles. And, above all, abides.

Someone should buy this Dude rug for Jeff Bridges.

On second thought, Jeff Bridges should buy this Dude rug for me.

*I don't even know wtf latch-hooking is, but I am certain Allie is the best at it. And anyone who says differently will be dropped like a 50-gallon drum of White Russians.

Muchas danke to The Awesomer.

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