Beavis and Butthead Resurrected

By: on February 08, 2012

What better homage to Jesus than to insert Beavis and Butthead in his place at the Resurrection? Heh heh, heh heh. Designer David Christianson created this amalgamation of MTVs favorite dimwitted loser duo and the 15th Station of the Cross, for which he will almost certainly burn in hell. Heh heh, fire. Fire. Firefire. Christianson's first showing of the piece, conceived because he was at one time commissioned by both Beavis and Butthead parent company Viacom, and a Catholic church in Mexico, garnered enough controversy and protest that he felt compelled to remove it. His second presentation attempt, at an ideology art show, met the sensibilities of a less panties-in-a-bunch crowd, and was well received. How does this one-of-a-kind sculpted interpretation/perversion of Christ's ultimate Passion sit with you? If it sits well, for 6 Gs, it can also sit permanently.

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Which Cult Should I Join?

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Which Cult Should I Join? Seeing as it's Sunday and all, I'm sure you've been asking yourself this question all morning. And not only does Jo Stewart have the answer in full book form, she's used the Choose-Your-Own Adventure...

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Water To Wine Jesus Drink Markers

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It's hard to look at these drink glass markers and not keeping coming back to some variation on the idea of hangin' with Jesus at your next party. But that sort of comment is in very poor taste, and if I'm anything I'm...

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Zombie Jesus Pendants

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Say hello to Zombie Jesus, replete with putrefying flesh, and oozy bloody matter. This Easter, you may want to think twice before taking communion. Etsy vendor ChewsBrains (awesome, right?) hand carves the Lord's face...