Avocado String Lights

Posted: May 02, 2019
Avocado String Lights
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These avocado string lights remind me of a greeting card I saw last week. It had a picture of avocados on the front and a quote from Miguel de Cervantes, "...can we ever have too much of a good thing?" Well. According to pop culture and Brooklyn Lighting Company, when it comes to avocados, the answer is a big brown pit of "Nope!"

My friend Trey, who tried the keto diet earlier this year and basically went through, like, 3 pounds of avocados per day, might be the only person I know who disagrees. The sight of guacamole now gags him, poor bastard.

The LED avocado string lights are battery-powered and feature adorable plastic avocados spaced, what, about 2" on center?, along a flexible silver wire that will hold its shape if you want to wrap your little green men around railings, furniture, or plants. An avocado tree perhaps?

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