Acid Trip Pillow

Posted: March 12, 2012
Light Up Pillow in Living Room

The actual name of this product is Moonlight Pillow. Really? Has the moon been eating Skittles? Did it swallow a gay pride parade? Because the moon I look at has certainly never gleamed the entire Roy G Biv rainbow. Except, of course, under the tutelage of a happy tab or a side of magic mushrooms. But despite the branding misfire, there is a certain allure to a plush and cozy bedtime buddy that is also brilliantly luminescent. The light-up pillow is made of ultra-soft faux fur and internal low energy LEDs that illuminate its surface with gently shifting colors. It guarantees that we all--even those of us who dream only in black and white--will both go to sleep and wake up to the magnificence of technicolor.

Moonlight Pillows are powered by a battery pack tucked into their zip-up compartments, and turn on and off with a simple tap at the center. In addition to beautifying your sleep, the smooth light and silky texture of the pillow can also serve a variety of purposes as living room sofa decor. Combine it with Al Green and a hot blonde to get laid, Zeppelin and your college roommate to get philosophical, or Barney and your 5-year-old nephew to get a migraine. Measurements are 13.8" x 13.8" x 6.7".

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