A Guide to Muscles

Posted: January 16, 2015
A Guide to Muscles
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Molecular biologist-turned-designer Eleanor Lutz regularly publishes the science-themed charts, infographics, and illustrations she creates on her blog Tabletop Whale. Here with the "Guide to Muscles" poster (officially "A User's Guide to the Human Body: The Muscle Edition") she ventures into the anatomical art that is skeletal muscle, showing how humans flex and get ripped in a way I'd bet most of us have never considered.

Going beyond the doctor's office diagrams of the human body's superficial and deep muscle groups, Lutz explores not only what happens to the striated muscle tissues as we contract and expand them, but also how the action plays out from a neurological down to a cellular level. Electrical impulses, neurotransmitters, tubules and sheaths, sarcoplasmic reticulums. So much I've taken for granted over the years, assuming my guns are the size of cantaloupes because I drink hella protein shakes and kiss them 10 times on each side twice a day.

"A Guide to Muscles" is available in sizes ranging from Mini (8.09" x 9.89") to XL (28.17" x 34.44"). The prints are gallery-quality giclees that arrive on natureal white, matte, 100% cotton rag. For an additional fee, buyers can have their muscle diagrams shipped framed.

If Lutz's "Guide to the Human Body: The Muscle Edition" gives you an anatomical rush in print form, click here to check out her fully animated GIF of the poster.

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