PlaneAire Travel Mist - Purifying Disinfecting Spray

Posted: March 14, 2019
PlaneAire Travel Mist - Purifying Disinfecting Spray
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PlaneAire Travel Mist knows you counted down the days to your trip to Croatia for 6 months leading up to it, and now it's finally here. You've trudged through security, shown your passport 9,000 times, waited in line at the gate, and have finally - finally! - gotten to your seat. Your coach seat. Weee! But you're still ready to enjoy the next 11 hours of your life in the air because Croatia awaits on the other side.

Or rather, it would be waiting if you weren't about to catch a nasty bacterial infection from the 5-strong family of coughers and sneezers sitting beside and behind you, which will keep you holed up in your Dubrovnik hotel room for the first 3 days of the trip you spent the last 6 months counting down to.

PlaneAire Travel Mist knows this. And thinks it has your back.

Unlike standard disinfecting sprays and antibacterial gels, PlaneAire includes no chemicals, alcohol, or bleach in their cocktail of germ-slaying ingredients, opting instead for 100% natural, organic essential oils. Their proprietary blend includes 6 of them, which PlaineAire says, in addition to eliminating over 99.99% of surface bacteria, will leave behind "a soothing, herbal scent." Hopefully one soothing enough to send you to Sandman Land for the remainder of your flight.

PlaneAire does note that since their Travel Mist doesn't contain anything synthetic, its ingredients will separate in the bottle, so you need to shake it well before each use to ensure full effectiveness in de-grossing the air and surfaces around you.

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