effie Automated Ironing Machine

By: on October 07, 2017

If you get a little Eff. That. S. over the chore of ironing and steaming out your wrinkled clothes, and Eff. That. S. Squared. about your drying cleaning bills, come 2018, you'll be able to effie. That. S. Squared, cubed, and to the powers of 4 to Grayskull. effie is an automated home appliance that irons, steams, and even dries your clothes for you.

effie looks like a rolling wardrobe. It's flat enough to push up against a wall, and requires no plumbing hookup to operate, so you can move it when needed. The machine can hold and treat up to 12 items at once, all hung and aligned on specially designed effie hangers.

In addition to ironing and steaming dry clothes, effie can also dry wet clothes, so you can hang them up straight from the washer for the full dry-steam-press treatment. This includes shirts, pants, dresses, blouses, linens, etc. You can throw underwear and socks in there for drying too. effie isn't suitable for wool, cashmere, and a few other dry clean only fabrics, but it will de-wrinkle your common offenders, including cotton, silk, viscose, polyester, and denim.

During the ironing process, effie comes into direct contact with clothing and presses the creases out. It uses a combination of heat and steam effie designers, Rohan and Trevor, say will not hurt or damage your garments. For more delicate items, you can opt for the steam only setting, and moist-heat out wrinkles without the machine touching them. The dry function simply moves hot air over the clothes, and is more gentle than a tumble dryer.

effie has a 1-button operation, and shuts off automatically when its cycle finises. Iron time per item is about 3 minutes, and the dry-iron tag team goes for 6.

Rohan and Trevor expect their automated ironing machine to be available for pre-order in March 2018 at an early bird price of about $915.

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