Dolfi Ultrasonic Clothes Washer

By: on January 22, 2015
$99 - $109
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Ultrasonic technology is already used in consumer products such as humidifiers and jewelry cleaners, plus commercial electronics that sanitize the likes of medical and dental equipment, so all Dolfi is really doing here is applying a proven method of spiffying and de-germifying delicate items to clothing.

Dolfi calls itself "next generation cleaning technology" for your garments, particularly delicate, hand-wash-only pieces, and articles worn while traveling with limited access to laundering facilities. No swishing, agitating, or spinning is required when you add Dolfi to your washer (or sink or any waterproof container). Once the basin is filled, add clothes, detergent, and your new ultrasonic compadres, and turn Dolfi--not the washer--on to activate the cycle.

When in use, Dolfi glows blue, indicating ultrasound vibrations circulating through the water, cleaning clothes without damaging them. What goes in comes out looking exactly the same, less the dirt, grunge, and sweat. Dolfi promises it won't shrink, tear, or distort even the most susceptible items, such as silk, lace, wool, and cashmere. Its Swiss designers also say the ultrasonic wonder can remove offenders like gym stench bacteria, salt water, and pool chlorine.

Once in place, allow Dolfi to run for 30 to 40 minutes. (There's no harm in forgetting about it or letting it run longer.) And now the downside: after a wash cycle is complete, you gotta rinse and wring the clothes yourself. Or trust your washer to do it without destroying all of Dolfi's good work.

Dolfi functions silently, is compact enough to pack in a bag or suitcase, and consumes about 80 times less energy than a conventional washing machine. The "next gen" launderer seeks crowdfunding on Indiegogo through February 19, 2015.

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effie Automated Ironing Machine

By: Effie »

If you get a little Eff. That. S. over the chore of ironing and steaming out your wrinkled clothes, and Eff. That. S. Squared. about your drying cleaning bills, come 2018, you'll be able to effie. That. S. Squared, cubed...

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FoldiMate Robotic Laundry Folder

$700 - $850 from FoldiMate »

Really? Really?! Am I so lazy that I'm willing to spend $800 on a machine that will fold my laundry? Pssshhh! I don't think so....

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Sacuba Self-Cleaning Sunglasses

$79 from Sacuba »

It's Sweat On / Sweat off with Sacuba's self-cleaning sunglasses. The Aussie eyewear company says they've created a world's first with their frames and lenses that require no cloth to clean up when sweat, dust, skin oil...

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Luminol Spray

$12 from Amazon »

This 2 oz. bottle of Luminol contains the exact formula used worldwide by Crime Scene Investigators. The way you get its blue chemiluminescence to show is simple. 1) Bleed all over something. 2) Clean it up. 3) Spray...

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The Crook-Catcher Deluxe Thief Detection Kit

$40.58 from Amazon »

Stapler, sodie, and steak sandwich stealers of my office (and the world!) beware. You have been marked. And I promise, with my keen detective skills and 9-LED UV flashlight, I. Will. Find you....

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Iron, Man Ironing Board Cover

Sold Out from Amazon »

One thing I've never owned is an iron. Not that I'm complaining or consider myself deprived. Owning an iron would probably just make me feel guilty about owning an iron and never using it. I mean, my clothes look great...

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Eco-Egg Automatic Mini Washing Machine

Sold Out from Amazon »

Could your days of quarter hoarding and letting sweat-saturated clothes pile up until your entire room smells like a festering colony of bacteria because you can't do laundry until you have a full load be over? Eco-Egg...

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MiracleFold Laundry Folder

$24.99 from Amazon »

No matter how easy this contraption makes folding a shirt, unless the task has just been completed by a paraplegic, I think it's a bit of an overstatement to assign it "miracle" status. That word should really be reserved...

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SWASH 10-Minute Clothing Refresher

$379.96 - $399.99 from Amazon »

SWASH knows that just because I wear my button-up to happy hour at Rosita's haven of deep-fried Mexican everything, and then dinner at Taste of India doesn't mean it's actually soiled to the point of shelling out for...

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Wool & Prince Hardly-Ever-Wash-Me Shirt

$128 from Wool & Prince »

Do you know how many men in the Pacific Northwest are going to go apeshit when they find out about a wool shirt that will stay wrinkle- and odor-free for 100 days straight...without washing, ironing, or dry cleaning it?...

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StinkBOSS Shoe & Gear Deodorizer

$169.99 from Amazon »

The worst thing I've ever smelled in my life is a tie between some fish I accidentally left in the trash before going on vacation and the inside of a hockey glove. I imagine all used hockey gear, and football gear for...

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The Scrubba Wash Bag

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When I see the word "Scrubba" all I can think of is my Uncle Orville. Gettin' all hot and ornery with my cousin Stoobie when we were kids and he refused to take a bath. "You grimy ground crawler," he'd yell, "if you don't...