Bheestie Moisture Remover for Electronics

Posted: October 09, 2012
Bheestie Moisture Remover for Electronics
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Here's an anecdote about why Bheestie, a bag lined with ultra-absorbant beads for removing moisture from afflicted electronics measuring less than 9-1/4" high x 6" wide, is a viable commodity in contemporary society. Once there was a (traffic-stoppingly handsome) boy with a cellphone and impeccable oral hygiene. While being admirably efficient, simultaneously texting and brushing his teeth one morning, he dropped his cellphone into a sink of running water. In a frantic effort to make it work again by pushing 972 random buttons, he inadvertently texted the word "balls" to at least 6 people in his recent text history before burying the phone in rice for the day. Upon returning from work, he found that the rice successfully dried out his phone, but left it covered in white dust and smelling like Asian food. (He also had several WTF? texts, and one threat from his ex-girlfriend to apply for a restraining order.)

The moral of the story is that rice works. It will suck evil water molecules right out of phones and other electronics. My mom has dropped her iPhone in the toilet at least 3 times, and salvaged it every one of them with the miracle of rice. But the argument for spending far more on a Bheestie is: what are people who don't touch carbs supposed to do when they drop their phones in the toilet? Or get caught in the rain with their Tron watch? Or spill a martini on their digital camera? Or sweat profusely all over music output and listening devices while working out?

The Bheestie mylar bag supports regular overnight electronics and headphones dry-out sessions for up to a year, or until its beads turn from blue to white. It's way less messy, and far more portable than rice, and in addition to healing doused equipment, will also preserve and prolong the lives of that which encounters moisture repeatedly, say, at the gym, ocean, or ski slopes.

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