Zombie Rubber Duckies

Posted: April 21, 2012
Zombie Rubber Duckies
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Of course he went for the rubber ducky. That blissfully ignorant little bathtub addict Ernie suffered the zombie bite, and then went straight for his floating feathered friend. Maybe it was just to spare Bert long enough to get away, but that would have been in vain. Bert took one look at his newly afflicted life partner, and nearly begged for the transformation. Because love conquers all, and when Sesame Street characters make a vow of "special friends" forever, they don't defect at the first sign of blood and entrails. What example would that set for the children watching at home? So now it's Zombie Bert, Zombie Ernie, and a whole fam damily of Zombie Rubber Duckies co-existing happily, until one of them gets hungry and they have to draw straws to see who's going to hunt down Big Bird or Snuffleupagus or Maria.

Though no longer suitable for bathtub adventures, each duck zombification is an actual water toy conversion. Lawrence Boos administers the undead treatment in styles ranging from bride & groom, pirate, princess, and, our personal favorite, Santa Claus. He gores and paints them by hand, and then finishes resultant treasures with a durable matte seal to keep them looking newly rotted for years to come. A novel addition to rubber duck collections, and a no-fail gift for anyone who's a sucker for things so F'd in the face they're cute.

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