Touch-Free Faucet Adaptor

By: on July 22, 2014
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Given that I chew the ever-loving gobstoppers out of my fingernails, I'm obviously not too concerned about germs. But I am concerned about touching things with Cheetos-crusted hands and getting yelled at by my mama for leaving orange residue all over the house. So on the occasions that I do decide to wash up, a touch-free EZ Faucet could at least eliminate my trademark greasy trail of Chester Cheetah dust on the fixtures. And, in turn, Her Majesty's ire and reactionary dumping of all my snacks. (Yeah, Mama, like I won't just eat them out of the trash.)

In addition, for those who are into sanitation, or conserving water, iTouchless' simple adaptor could make your everyday life a little cleaner and greener.

The Touch-Free EZ faucet mounts to existing sink installations, requiring no plumbing modifications or a call to the plumber for setup. On top of precluding cross-contamination with its infrared sensor activation ("Activates on demands!"), the Touch-Free adaptor also saves water, running only when a hand or dish or filthy mouth full of soap is under it. According to iTouchless, kids find this type of auto-faucet fun to use, and will therefore be more amenable to washing their hands. Huh. Not that I know anything about kids, but something tells me that last part will be true for exactly 4 days.

The EZ Faucet attaches to any existing faucet to render it instantly sensor activated. Temperature and pressure remain adjustable. The adaptor also has an override button to return the faucet to its manual on/off state. If pressed, the faucet will run for 3 minutes, or until the manual override button is pressed again.

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Aquor House Hydrant

$89.99 from Amazon »

Scorching summer day. Lounging on the patio. Gazing at the lawn. What's missing? Hose, hose, hose. And a water outlet pimped out with an Aquor House Hydrant. Because the grass meeting your gaze is brown, and the marigolds...

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Fish Aquarium Sink

$4,500 from Opulent Items »

Moving goldfish out of the living room and into the bathroom for a perfect view of what will surely be their place of final burial, down the toilet, seems like an illogical move. That is, until you see this awesome fish...

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Stack - Infinite Soap Bars

Sold Out from Amazon »

What if your bar of soap's slivered remains could transform from flat to stacked with no hassle, no waste, and no complex procedures or anesthesia? Simply and terrifically brilliant--like so many Kickstarter projects--Stack...

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The Wheel Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Displease the Captain and he'll throw you overboard squirt you in the kisser with the sprayer of his Wheel Pull Down Kitchen Faucet. Maker Waterstone took its inspiration for this standout fixture from the (super rad)...

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Aquafaucet Color-Changing Waterfall Tap

$65 from Amazon »

Glistening chrome fountain. Dramatic curved channels. Stunning waterfall cycling through the most brilliant hues of the rainbow. And a mysterious floating orb. Which fantasy novel or video game did this Aquafaucet fixture...

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BAAM! Drain Blaster Cleaner

$21.32 from Amazon »

No, this is not the kind of BAAM! that spices up your sink drain or toilet bowl. On the contrary, it's the kind of BAAM! you call in when you've already spiced up your sink drain or toilet bowl and need help, uh, unspicing...

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Magnetic Soap Holder

$24.99 from Amazon »

Now this looks like some soap beamed straight down from Captain Kirk's bathroom on the Starship Enterprise. It's hovering there in midair because the pyramid base of the holder has telekinetic powers. And also a couple...

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Mikado Aerator Gridded Flow Faucet

If it's the little things in life that make you happy, Neoperl has a pretty cool little thing for you to check out. Their forthcoming Mikado is a faucet aerator that turns water streams into dramatic twisting grids sure...

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Delta In2ition 2-in-1 Shower Head

$148.52 - $173.65 from Amazon »

I like a focused rinse on my man parts in the shower. I bet some of you dudes out there, and especially some of you ladies, would agree. Having both a static and a detachable shower head in the bathroom is a nice little...

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Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack

$39.99 from Amazon »

This roll-up dish drying rack is for people like me. People who endorse the air-dry method. I mean, I figure if my man parts prefer the gentle cooling effect of evaporating water over getting rubbed down and chafed up...

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Toilet Sink

$294.50 from Amazon »

Smaller spaces, smaller children, smaller water bills--a toilet sink makes sense. Technically. But you can tell me all day long about how the water that comes out of my toilet tank is exactly the same as the water that...

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Dragon Sink Faucet

$55 from Amazon »

I can hardly stand the anticipation. Game of Thrones. Season 4. Less than a week away. I might pee my pants. Hey! Someone turn off that dragon sink faucet! It's not helping my continence! Hey, wait...a dragon sink faucet?...