The Shower Beer Buddy

By: on April 11, 2013

I know what you're thinking: who drinks beer in the shower? And I'll grant you, not many people. But in my opinion this sad reality exists only because, until now, the Shower Beer Buddy has not. Because brew enjoyment under a constant stream of water has never before been entirely safe or practical. Where does the can go during body scrubbing and shampooing? On a precarious ledge? In a caddy stuffed with conditioner bottles and shaving cream and loofahs? On top of the soap? Please. There is already a 65% chance I am going to fall and break my hip every time I step into the shower due to the slippery nature of water and items that can achieve a lather. No way am I going to risk losing a fine pop-top of Bud Light Lime to the drain on top of it. But the Shower Beer Buddy, a koozie-suction cup combo with boobs thrown in for good measure, tackles all of these limitations, stripping them of their pertinence, and priming me to get clean and drunk simultaneously.

I think the Shower Beer Buddy would also serve its users well in other places that don't have a lot of surface area for cans. Like the bus or a car. Obviously beer would be replaced with sodie in these venues, but the wheeled transportation I drive and ride in never seems to have enough cup holders, or else the cup holders are filled with half-empty to-go coffee cups from 3 weeks ago, and every now and then I think it would be nice to be able to stick a foam rack koozie on the adjacent window to hold my drink. I bet window washers and people who live in glass houses share this sentiment.

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T-Rex Skull Shower Head

$20 from Etsy »

He may be dead and decomposed, but that doesn't mean T-Rex isn't still capable of spewing the stink off you. Roman Mirskiy creates his T-Rex Skull Shower Heads on a 3D printer. They're all made from high-quality ABS plastic...

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Stone Forest Natural Bathtub

Stone Forest calls their bathtub "Natural" for its raw design, a rugged just-rolled-down-the-mountain aesthetic, rather than the precision-cut and polished-to-cold-industrial-modernity one we might expect from this type...

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My Shiney Hiney Brush Set

$16.88 - $19.98 from Amazon »

Well. I wouldn't argue it isn't dirty. I'm just not sure I care enough to go to the lengths required to make my hiney shiney. I think this cleansing brush set for the bunghole is geared towards women anyway, judging by...

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Lolo Lids Covert Beer Koozies

$9.48 - $11.49 from Amazon »

Drink your beer on the down Lolo with this lid of subterfuge. Disguised as a to-go coffee lid, the Lolo fits over a can of beer, which then slides into most any large paper coffee cup to form a covert koozie. Sneaky...

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Kurgo Mud Dog Travel Shower

$12.99 from Amazon »

But, but, my whole purpose in life is to roll in mud, and then on your couch! Kurgo's Mud Dog Travel Shower aims to put a wrench in your dog's plan to bring his nice & dirty self home from the park or hike as is, and...

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AquaDance Drencher Showerhead

Sold Out from Amazon »

No, I am not showing you the AquaDance Drencher 3-setting 8" curved rainfall showerhead with waterfall mode just because it looks like a vagina....

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Nebia Atomized Water Showerhead

$299 from Nebia »

Nebia trademarked what they call H2MICRO technology. They say it takes the best parts of a shower and a steam room and sprays it out of overhead and portable wand nozzles in a way that will make you feel like you're in...

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Waterfall & Massage Shower Panel

$359.99 from Amazon »

Ever heard anyone say, It's not the dress, it's the girl in the dress? I feel the same basically goes for showers--it's not the shower, it's the girl in the shower--only with a few exceptions. Like AKDY's shower panel...

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Stack - Infinite Soap Bars

Sold Out from Amazon »

What if your bar of soap's slivered remains could transform from flat to stacked with no hassle, no waste, and no complex procedures or anesthesia? Simply and terrifically brilliant--like so many Kickstarter projects--Stack...

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Magnetic Soap Holder

$27.99 from Amazon »

Now this looks like some soap beamed straight down from Captain Kirk's bathroom on the Starship Enterprise. It's hovering there in midair because the pyramid base of the holder has telekinetic powers. And also a couple...

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The CouchCoaster

$19.95 from CouchCoaster »

The CouchCoaster: Because you could throw your back out reaching all the way to the coffee table to get your beer....

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Curvit Shower Space Expander

Sold Out from Amazon »

Curvit is a clip system that holds shower curtains in a concave position, thereby increasing shower space by up to 50%. It's a simple, inexpensive, and discreet solution that arrives pre-assembled and installs in 3 steps...