The Odorless Toilet Fan

Posted: July 09, 2017
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The Odorless Toilet Fan claims to be "the #1 way to eliminate #2 odor." The unit installs inside your toilet tank to inhale all the foul-smelling air your bowel movements produce so you don't have to.

I'd like to set up a little competition between the Odorless Toilet Fan and Poo-Pourri to see which once cuts the crap better. Because while I haven't tried the Toilet Fan yet, I do have a bottle of before-you-go Royal Flush in my bathroom, and I can attest that no matter how much shit I deal it, its tag-team of eucalyptus and spearmint blocks it all.

At least when I remember - or, uh, have enough time - to spray it before I pop a squat.

With the Odorless Toilet Fan memory and time play no role. With a design similar to that of a turbine jet engine, it's always on the ready to pull in air from your toilet bowl and force it through an activated carbon filter to remove unpleasant odors before the trickle into the bathroom.

The fan contains a rechargeable NiMh battery that pairs with a sensor to turn the unit on / off automatically, plus give an alert when it's time to recharge and change the filter. The Odorless Toilet Fan package includes the fan, 1 x filter, the sensor, the battery, a battery charger, and a wall mount.

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